Uber Spam Text Message Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Uber sent text messages to consumers who had not signed up for the company’s services.

The TCPA prohibits unsolicited text messages to cell phones.  (A gross simplification I know.)

SO what to do if you receive 8 or so messages from Uber asking you to confirm your recently created account?

You sue of course.

The class action complaint alleges that the plaintiff Maria Vergara received up to eight text messages from Uber.  Each message apparently asked her to confirm the details of her account.  Yet according to the lawsuit, Vergara never in fact signed up for an Uber account.  

This lawsuit then seeks to verify a class of people all of whom reside in the United States who, within four years prior to the filing date of the lawsuit received one or more text message calls from Uber where the called party was not the same individual who, according to Uber’s records, provided the phone number to Uber.

The specific facts are as follows:

On June 14, 2015, Plaintiff’s cell phone rang, indicating that two identical text calls were being received. The “from” field of the transmission was identified as “(469) 275-4970,” which is a specialized telephone number utilized by Uber and its agents for the transmission of text messages en masse. The body of each text message read:

Your Uber account
verification number is:
9274. Enter this in our
app to confirm your
Uber account.

On July 18, 2015, Plaintiff was sent yet another text call from Uber that read:

Your Uber account
verification number is:
0133. Enter this in our
app to confirm your
Uber account.

Then on  August 2, 2015, Plaintiff was sent at least six (6) more text calls by Defendant
containing similar confirmation requests, yet with differing verification numbers embedded.

At no time did Plaintiff attempt to acquire the Uber application, become a customer of Uber or otherwise use Uber. Moreover, at no time did Uber confirm the ownership of the phone number to which it was transmitting text messages.

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