Volkswagen Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport Wire Harness Class Action

This class action concerns certain Volkswagen Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport vehicles and “malfunction [that] have plagued the Vehicles since their launch.” The complaint alleges that the vehicles have a defect that causes failures in their wire harnesses, which leads to windows randomly opening and closing, error messages and warning noises, and even the brakes  Read more

2022 Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen Vehicles Faulty Wire Harness Class Action

This class action alleges that there are defects in certain 2019-2022 vehicles in five different models made by the Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. According to the complaint, the defects cause the wire harness to fail, resulting in application of the emergency brakes on their own, windows opening and closing by themselves, and activation of  Read more

2021 Volkswagen Atlas

Honda Ridgeline Backup Camera Failures Class Action

A vehicle’s backup camera is part of its safety equipment. If the backup camera fails, it increases the risk of a collision with people or objects behind the vehicle when it is backing up. The complaint for this class action alleges that the backup camera in certain Honda Ridgeline vehicles may fail or become intermittent  Read more

2019 Honda Ridgeline

New Vehicles Wire Harness Price-Fixing Settlement

A number of defendants have agreed to settle class actions alleging they broke antitrust laws by conspiring to fix or raise the cost of wire harnesses for new vehicles in Canada. Wire harnesses are electrical distribution systems that direct and control electronic components, wiring, and circuit boards in vehicles.  Read more

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