Apple iPhones Poor Warranty Coverage for Water Damage Class Action

Apple, Inc. makes its iPhones with a certain amount of resistance to water. But the complaint for this class action alleges that the water protection is insufficient and that owners often find that splash or immersion incidents do not qualify for coverage because of small-print disclaimers.  Read more

An iPhone 7 Immersed in Water

Land Rover 2017 Discovery Windshield Water Breach Class Action

The vehicles made or sold by Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC are purported to be luxury vehicles. But the complaint for this class action alleges that the 2017 Land Rover Discovery has a windshield defect that allows water to enter, which can cause damage, including the destruction of the vehicle’s computer system.  Read more

2017 Land Rover Discovery

Volkswagen Sunroof Repairs Not Covered by Warranty Class Action

This class action brings suit against Volkswagen Group of America and Volkswagen AG, which may have tried to make up for their part in the emissions scandal by offering a longer warranty than other companies. However, the complaint alleges that the company is not properly honoring this warranty, by refusing to cover repairs for leaking  Read more

2019 Audi A1

Settlement of BMW Water Ingress Class Action

The complaint for this class action claims that certain models of BMW cars from model-years 2004-2010 purchased in the US or Puerto Rico have a problem with water entering the trunk, from clogged sunroof drainage tubes or some other means of entry. The complaint alleges that the water causes damage to certain electronic components located  Read more