Lumondi Watch Fogging Settlement

Lumondi, Inc. is settling a class action about certain models of its Luminox watches, which the complaint alleged were advertised as designed for military service members, scuba divers, first responders, athletes and “rugged outdoorsmen” who want “extreme performance.” The complaint claimed that the inside of the watch crystal fogs when the watch is exposed to  Read more

Luminox Watch Series 3000:3900

Apple Failure to Admit Detached or Shattered Watch Screens Are Defective Class Action

Kenneth Sciacca had just removed his Series 2 Stainless Steel Apple watch from its charger when the screen suddenly detached from the body. When he took it to his local Apple store, the employees claimed it had detached because of “non-warrantable damage” and that he would have to pay $249 for a repair. According to  Read more

Apple Watch Series 3