Major Energy Deceptive Variable Rates for Electricity Class Action

When consumers switch from a regulated utility to an energy services company (ESCO), they are seeking better prices, since there is no difference at all in the quality of electricity or gas the different companies deliver. The complaint for this class action brings suit against an ESCO, Major Energy Electric Services, LLC, alleging that it  Read more

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Verde Energy Variable-Rate Plan Settlement

This settlement resolves multiple class actions against Verde Energy USA, Inc., Verde Energy USA Ohio, LLC, Verde Energy USA, Massachusetts, LLC, and Verde Energy USA New York, LLC. The complaint alleges that the companies’ variable rate plans in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania charged electricity rates that were not priced according  Read more

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Greenlight Variable Electricity Rate Settlement

Greenlight Energy, Inc. is settling a class action about Greenlight’s alleged acts and omissions concerning supplying energy at variable rates. The complaint alleged that the company’s misleading representations violated New York’s General Business Law and breached its contracts as well as the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.  Read more

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Verde Energy Unfair Variable Electricity Rates Class Action

Deregulation of electricity markets has not turned out as some consumers expected. The complaint for this class action alleges that Verde Energy USA, Inc. has “deceptive, bad-faith, unconscionable and unfair pricing practices” that have caused consumers to pay much more for electricity than they should have paid.  Read more

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Spark Energy “Competitive” Variable Rates Illinois Class Action

The complaint for this class action tells a familiar story: An alternative retail energy supplier encourages customers to switch from their old supplier by promising competitive variable rates. The customer switches, then discovers that rates are higher and seem to “vary” mostly in one direction. In this case, the retail energy supplier is Spark Energy,  Read more

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Gateway Energy Services Variable-Rate Plan Settlement

Gateway Energy Services Corporation is settling a class action alleging that it set rates for residential variable-rate electricity and gas plans in a way that was contrary to its contract obligations and applicable laws.  Read more

Verde Energy Variable Rate Plans Excessive Rates Class Action

More than one class action has shown the difficulties of knowing how much competing energy companies will charge customers once their initial teaser rates have expired. This complaint alleges that Verde Energy USA, Inc. rolls customers over into expensive “variable rate” plans that don’t seem to vary much when rates fall.   Read more

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Spark Energy Illinois Variable Electricity Rates Class Action

In deregulated electricity markets, how do consumers choose their provider? Usually by price. The complaint for this class action alleges that Spark Energy, LLC had a deceptive variable rate that did not vary with the market and charged customers administrative fees they were not expecting.  Read more

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