CNET Subscription Information Disclosed to Third Parties Michigan Class Action

CNET Media, Inc. publishes CNET magazine, but the magazine itself is not its only way of earning money. The complaint alleges that CNET disclosed information about private subscriptions to CNET magazine to data aggregators, data cooperatives, and list brokers, among others, which then disclosed the information to advertisers, political organizations, and nonprofits. The complaint claims  Read more

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The Nation Subscription Information Disclosed to Third Parties Michigan Class Action

When advertisers get hold of an individual’s personal information and send a barrage of junk mail, who is responsible? The complaint alleges that The Nation Company, LLC (TNC) disclosed information about private subscriptions to its magazine, The Nation, to data aggregators, data cooperatives, and list brokers, among others, which then disclosed the information to advertisers,  Read more

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Kochava SDK Collects Personal Data on Children Class Action

Should companies be allowed to collect the data of children playing apps on mobile devices? The complaint alleges that Kochava, Inc. has proprietary code that does just that, “monitoring their online behavior[] and profiling them for commercial gain.” The class action is brought by a group of parents, under the law of Intrusion Upon Seclusion,  Read more

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ZoomInfo Use of Persons’ Identities to Promote Services Illinois Class Action

Do commercial entities have the right to use your private information or identity to sell their products or services, without your knowledge or consent? States have passed laws that say no, but this class action alleges that ZoomInfo Technologies, LLC does exactly that. This class action is brought against ZoomInfo under the Ilinois Right of  Read more

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CLEAR Sells In-Depth, Private Information Without Consent California Class Action

Who is entitled to compile and sell non-public information on private citizens? One of the plaintiffs in this case, Cat Brooks, “is an activist, who has spent years fighting police violence, particularly in communities of color[,]” says the complaint for this class action. She is a target for white supremacists, and to protect herself and  Read more

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Intelius.com Use of Individuals’ Identities for Promotion Illinois Class Action

PeopleConnect, Inc. runs the website Intelius.com that offers subscribers “detailed reports” on other people. The complaint for this class action bring suit against PeopleConnect and Intelius, LLC “to put an end to their unlawful practice of using the names and identities of Illinois residents without their consent in order to promote its service.”  Read more

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CVS Websites Visitor Actions Wiretapping by Foresee Replay Florida Class Action

Wiretapping used to mean listening in on telephone calls. Nowadays, there are many other ways to do it, including recording every move and keystroke to a visitor to a website. The complaint for this class action brings suit against Verint Systems, Inc. and Foresee Session Replay, Inc. for doing just that—recording information from consumer visits  Read more

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Flo Health Period Tracker Shares Private Information Class Action

The public is only just becoming aware of how far their private information may be spread without their having any knowledge of it. This class action brings suit against Flo Health, Inc. for sharing personal information with Google, Facebook, and other companies, which is then used for “targeted advertising and other commercial exploitation…”  Read more

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Classmates Use of Names and Likenesses to Sell Products Illinois Class Action

Some companies now offer images from the past and information that others may be willing to pay for—for example, Classmates Media Corporation and its parent company, PeopleConnect, Inc., who own the website www.classmates.com. The complaint alleges that the companies are breaking the law by using the information and likenesses of others without permission for commercial  Read more

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Premom Fertility App Alleged to Share User Information Class Action

Easy Healthcare Corporation offers a “Premom” app for women to download to their Android devices. Premom is intended to help women who are trying to get pregnant. Unfortunately, the complaint alleges that Easy shares their personal and location information “with at least three known Chinese third-party data collection entities.” The complaint alleges this is a  Read more

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