Intelius.com Use of Individuals’ Identities for Promotion Illinois Class Action

PeopleConnect, Inc. runs the website Intelius.com that offers subscribers “detailed reports” on other people. The complaint for this class action bring suit against PeopleConnect and Intelius, LLC “to put an end to their unlawful practice of using the names and identities of Illinois residents without their consent in order to promote its service.”  Read more

Intelius Name and Logo

Classmates Use of Names and Likenesses to Sell Products Illinois Class Action

Some companies now offer images from the past and information that others may be willing to pay for—for example, Classmates Media Corporation and its parent company, PeopleConnect, Inc., who own the website www.classmates.com. The complaint alleges that the companies are breaking the law by using the information and likenesses of others without permission for commercial  Read more

Person Looking Through Yearbook

Ancestry.com Use of People’s Images Without Permission California Class Action

In general, companies aren’t allowed to use people’s likenesses without permission to promote their own products or services. The complaint for this class action alleges that Ancestry.com companies (including Ancestry.com, Inc, Ancestry.com, LLC, and Ancestry.com Operations, Inc.) permit access to its “US School Yearbooks, 1900 to 1999” database and the images and information in it  Read more

Ancestry.com Name and Logo on Computer Screen

LinkedIn Add Connection Class Action Settlement

This lawsuit challenges LinkedIn’s use of a service called Add Connections to grow its member base. Add Connections allows LinkedIn members to import contacts from their external email accounts and email connection invitations to one or more of those contacts inviting them to connect on LinkedIn.  If a connection invitation is not accepted within a  Read more