Aliera, Unity, Trinity “Health Care Sharing Ministries” Kentucky Class Action

When is insurance not insurance? This class action brings suit against the Aliera Companies, Inc., Trinity Healthshare, Inc. and OneShare Health, which formerly did business as Unity Healthshare, LLC for selling healthcare plans that the companies claim are not health insurance. It alleges that, while there are indeed things known as “Health Care Sharing Ministries  Read more

Doctor's Protective Hands Around Red Case

JetBlue Website Kickbacks for Insurance Sales Without License Class Action

The complaint for this class action claims that JetBlue Airways Corporation’s sale of insurance on its website is deceptive. The complaint claims that the website gives the false impression that JetBlue has no interest in the sale and that the amount charged is only a pass-through fee for the cost of the insurance. In actuality,  Read more

JetBlue Plane Taking Off

AARP Medigap Insurance Policies Unlicensed Agent Class Action

Does AARP merely receive a “royalty” for the sales of Medigap policies issued in partnership with UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company? Or is it actually collecting a premium commission? The complaint for this class action claims that AARP is violating  Pennsylvania laws by receiving what is actually a commission on the policies, even though it si not  Read more