Subscription Sign-Up Without Consent Investigation

How would you like to buy an item online—some Adore Me underwear, for example—and find out, months later, that the company charged you each month for more underwear? No, it hasn’t sent you anything, but you’re welcome to pick something out for the money it’s already taken from you. It claims that when you made  Read more

Adore Me Box, Two Bras, and Panties

Rivals.com Automatic Subscription Renewal CA Settlement

Yahoo! Inc., doing business as Rivals.com, has agreed to a settlement in a class action that claims the company violated California state laws. The complaint said that the company automatically renewed subscriptions in a way that violated California’s Automatic Renewal Law, failing to notify customers that they would be charged automatically on a recurring basis.   Read more

J2 Internet Fax Transfers, Renewals, and Portability Investigation

Are you an Internet fax subscriber who noticed changes to your account that you did not give permission for? We’re investigating Internet fax company J2 Global, which may have been meddling with customer accounts in various ways: by transferring customers to a different J2 provider, by attempting to lock in subscriptions via automatic renewals, by  Read more

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Code42 Software Automatic Renewal California Settlement

Code42 Software, Inc. has agreed to settle a case alleging that it did not comply with California laws when automatically renewing customer subscriptions. The law requires that auto renewals “clearly and conspicuously” present automatic renewal offers or continuous service terms, in “visual proximity” to the request for consent to the offer, that customers must provide  Read more

Stages of Beauty Automatic Subscription Renewal California Class Action

Stages of Beauty’s website sells skin improvement products designed for specific decades of life and offers to deliver products on a subscription basis as well. However, Plaintiff Matthew Lopez claims that the company does not follow California law regarding the automatic renewal of subscriptions. The laws require the following: Before the consumer clicks the button  Read more