HungryRoot Automatic Subscription Renewals California ARL Class Action

E-commerce subscriptions are a fast-growing segment of the world economy. Unfortunately, some subscribers appear to be paying for subscriptions for longer than they want to—to the point where California has passed an Automatic Renewal Law (ARL) setting forth conditions for automatic subscription renewals for consumers in that state. The complaint for this class action alleges  Read more

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Noom Autorenewal Subscription Settlement

Noom, Inc. is paying $56 million in cash and more in subscription credits to settle a class action about its autorenewal and cancellation practices. The complaint alleged that Noom violated common law and state laws by not adequately disclosing the autorenewal offer terms and not providing a simple online way to cancel subscriptions.  Read more

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Universal Screen Arts Automatic Renewal California Class Action

Universal Screen Arts, Inc. owns multiple companies with online e-commerce websites, including Acorn, Bas Bleu, Daedalus Books, Signals, Support Plus, and What on Earth. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that the websites entraps customers into a difficult-to-cancel automatic renewal membership that comes with a monthly charge of $14.95.  Read more

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Disney Movie Club Automatic Renewal California Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Buena Vista Catalogue Co., which does business as Disney Movie Club, claiming that it enrolled consumers in automatic renewal or continuous service subscriptions without meeting all requirements of California’s Automatic Renewal Law and other state consumer protection laws. Among other things, the law requires that companies present consumers  Read more

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Trustpilot Prevents Subscribers from Cancelling Class Action

Trustpilot.com is a website that originated in Denmark allows consumers to review businesses. Companies buy “pricey” subscriptions, but the complaint alleges Trustpilot uses unfair means to ensure that they are automatically re-enrolled at the end of their terms, by making it difficult for them to receive their renewal notices and cancel before they are charged.  Read more

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Trusted Media Brands Automatic Magazine Renewal Settlement

Trusted Media Brands offers magazine subscriptions, and it is settling a California class action related to automatic magazine subscription renewals. The complaint alleged that the company signed consumers up for automatic renewals of their subscriptions without presenting the offer in the clear and conspicuous manner required by the California Automatic Renewal Law. It also claims  Read more

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Bumble Boost Automatic Renewal Settlement

It’s costing Bumble Trading, Inc. and Bumble Holding, Inc. $22.5 million to settle a class action claiming that Bumble does not properly notify subscribers of their legal rights pertaining to the cancellation of subscriptions. The case brings suit under the agreement’s governing law, which is New York state law, and also under California law’s stricter  Read more

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Washington Post Auto-Renewal Violations California Class Action

The WP Company, LLC does business as the Washington Post, or WaPo. The complaint for this class action alleges that when consumers sign up for subscriptions, WaPo enrolls them in automatic renewal plans, without the disclosures and authorizations required by California law.  Read more

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New York Times Subscription Auto-Renewal California Class Action

This class action brings suit against the New York Times Company under California’s Automatic Renewal Law (ARL). The complaint alleges that when customers sign up for a subscription to the New York Times, they are enrolled in a month-to-month or year-to-year automatic renewal program, without the disclosures and authorizations required by ARL.  Read more

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Bed Bath & Beyond Automatic Renewal Membership California Class Action

California has a number of notable consumer protection laws, including the California Automatic Renewal Law in its Business and Professions Code. The complaint for this class action alleges that Bed Bath & Beyond instituted subscriptions with automatic renewals in ways that violated this law.  Read more

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