City of Ocala, Florida Illegal Fire Service Fee Settlement

The City of Ocala, Florida is settling a class action alleging that a fire service fee charged to utility customers with their utility bills was an illegal tax and not a user fee. The complaint alleged that the fire service fee was a tax because the bundling with water, sewer, and electric charges was coercive  Read more

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St. Louis County Failure to Appear Fee Settlement

St. Louis County is settling a class action alleging it improperly charged defendants in municipal court a failure to appear (FTA) fee or warrant fee. The fee was the amount charged by the county for defendants who failed to appear in a municipal court case, which was normally $75.  Read more

St. Louis County, Missouri

StubHub Display of Ticket Fees California Settlement

StubHub, Inc. is settling a California class action alleging that its way of displaying ticket fees charged to customers violated California consumer protection laws. The complaint alleged that showing the fees for the first time at the end of the purchase process—that is, at checkout—violated sections of the California Business and Professions Code and the  Read more

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Gregory Funding Payoff Statement Fees Not Yet Incurred Class Action

This class action concerns the kinds of fees mortgage servicers are permitted to add to payoff statements, and how those fees may be figured. The complaint sues Gregory Funding, LLC for two fees added to its payoff statement, alleging that the wire fee should not have been added and that the reconveyance fee is excessive.  Read more

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FPI Management Screening Fee Washington Settlement

A $1,600,000 settlement fund will be posted by FPI Management, Inc. to settle a class action alleging that it charged applicants tenant screening fees without first giving them the required disclosures. The complaint also alleged that FPI charged a holding fee on apartments before unconditionally offering them to prospective tenants, in violation of Washington state  Read more

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Caliber Home Loans Pay-to-Pay Fee Settlement

Caliber Home Loans, Inc. is settling three class actions alleging it charges borrowers pay-to-pay fees to make mortgage payments. The complaint alleged the company charged borrowers fees to make online, telephone, or IVR payments, and that this violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and breaches borrowers’ loan agreements.  Read more

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PNC Pay-to-Pay Fees California Settlement

This settlement resolves a California class action against PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. The complaint claimed that PNC charged pay-to-pay fees for borrowers to pay their mortgages on residential properties in California, by telephone, by IVR, or online. It alleged that these fees violated California’s Rosenthal Act and its Unfair Competition Law.  Read more

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US Bank Improper Fees for Payoff Statement Massachusetts Class Action

Mortgages and their servicing are thoroughly regulated, including in the state of Massachusetts. The complaint for this class action alleges that US Bank, NA charges impermissible fees, such as a Payoff Statement Fee and a Discharge Recording Fee, which are included in the Total Amount Due when borrowers request a Payoff Statement for their mortgages.  Read more

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Roundpoint Mortgage Unlawful Fees and Harassment West Virginia Class Action

What fees is a mortgage servicer allowed to charge in West Virginia? The complaint for this class action claims that Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation charges customers unlawful fees, such as for property inspections, late charges, “ORCC” fees, and other miscellaneous fees. Not only are they forbidden under West Virginia law; the complaint claims that even  Read more

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Victim Services Unlawful Bad Check Fees Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against National Corrective Group, Inc., Victim Services, Inc., American Justice Solution, Inc., Birch Grove Holdings, Inc., Mats Jonsson, and Karl Thomas Jonsson. The complaint claims that these defendants use of a California District Attorney letterhead and charges of certain fees, in connection with bounced checks, violated the Fair Debt  Read more

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