Dignity Health Medical Records Requests and HITECH Act Class Action

The complaint for this class action says that the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act provides “a nationwide health information technology infrastructure…” However, the complaint alleges that Dignity Health violated this act when it provided incomplete records that were not in the form requested, and charged too much for them.  Read more

Keyboard, Stethoscope, and Medical Records

Ciox Medical Record Fees Texas Settlement

Ciox Health, LLC is settling a class action alleging it violated Texas law in what it charged for electronic copies of medical records. The complaint alleged it charged more than the Electronic Rate allowed for these records. In this settlement, the excess amount charged above the Electronic Rate is called the Disputed Fee.  Read more

Shelves with Medical Records

CIOX Health Excessive Medical Records Fees in Maryland Class Action

CIOX Health, LLC maintains records for healthcare providers around the US. The complaint alleges that it fulfills over 50 million requests for medical information each year. But it also alleges that CIOX charges fees for these records which are well above what Maryland’s Confidentiality of Medical Records Act (CMRA) permits.  Read more

Shelves with Medical Records

Arizona Providers and Requests for Medical Records Class Action

Patients who want to file personal injury cases are likely to need their medical records. If so, they will request them from their healthcare providers. The complaint for this class action cites two problems that come up in this situation: (1) when the records are sent to attorneys, the medical records parties may bill the  Read more

Shelves with Medical Records

Wisconsin Medical Record Requests Settlement

A number of organizations holding medical records are choosing to settle a class action about fees for medical records. They include Ciox Health, LLC, HealthPort Technologies, LLC (now part of Ciox), IOD Incorporated (now part of Ciox), and Aurora Healthcare, Inc. The complaint alleged that these companies charged higher fees than they were allowed by  Read more

Medical Records Unlawful Search and Retrieval Fees Class Action

The complaint in this class action allege that the defendants—Acton Corporation, IM Records, Inc., Pro Impact Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, LLC, and Med-South, Inc.—all charged unlawful fees when the respective plaintiffs requested medical or health records from them. The amount that companies can charge for health records is regulated by federal law.  Read more