Amazon Prime Enrollment in Audible Subscriptions New York Class Action

Amazon.com, Inc. offers Amazon Prime membership for around $119 per year. Prime claims to offer many benefits, including free shipping on certain purchases, free media, and so on. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Amazon claims to offer “Free Titles at Audible” but then charges monthly fees for an Audible membership.  Read more

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The Athletic Automatic Subscription Renewals North Carolina Class Action

The Athletic Media Company publishes The Athletic, a subscription-based sports website that covers forty-seven US cities and the UK. But the complaint for this class action alleges that subscribers to The Athletic are automatically enrolled in an auto-renewal program that keeps renewing their subscriptions from month to month or year to year without providing required  Read more

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Peloton Subscriptions Unnecessary Sales Tax MA, NY, VA Class Action

Peloton Interactive, Inc. not only sells fitness equipment; it also allows users to stream live and on-demand exercise classes in their own homes. The complaint for this class action alleges that Peloton unlawfully charges sales tax on memberships sold to customers in Massachusetts, New York, and Virginia, even though those kinds of digital goods are  Read more

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Washington Post Subscription Auto-Renewal California Settlement

WP Company, LLC, also known as The Washington Post, is settling a California class action about its automatically-renewing subscriptions. The complaint alleged that the company renewed annual and four-week subscriptions automatically and charged customers’ payment methods when it had not provided the disclosures or obtained the authorizations required by California law.  Read more

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Match.com Lures to Subscriptions and Illegitimate Users Class Action

When Match.com notifies you that another user has shown interest in you, is that user normally legitimate? When Match tells you that if you don’t meet “someone special” within six months, you’ll get another six months free, what do you have to do to qualify? The complaint for this class action alleges that Match Group,  Read more

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Apple iCloud Automatic Sign-Up and Later Charges Class Action

Apple, Inc. offers an iCloud computer data storage service, where customers can store information as an alternative to storing it on personal devices. It offers different levels of storage capacity at different prices. The complaint for this class action alleges Apple lures customers in with an initial free amount of storage, then—when they have committed  Read more

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Ipsy Cosmetics Subscription Difficult to Cancel California Class Action

Personalized Beauty Discovery, Inc. does business as Ipsy.com, offering cosmetic subscription services. The complaint for this class action alleges that Ipsy falsely advertises its services, claiming that subscribers can cancel at any time, when in practice, it is very difficult to cancel, the complaint says, and the company continues to charge the monthly amount.  Read more

Sirius XM “Lifetime” Radio Subscription Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Sirius XM, with its “lifetime” plans or subscriptions at issue. The complaint alleged that Sirius XM breached its agreements when it failed to honor “lifetime” subscriptions, claiming that the “lifetime” promise referred to the lifetime of the original radio used for the subscription and not of the subscriber.  Read more

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Primitive Survivors “Free” Offer and Subscription California Class Action

Too many people are complaining these days of being enrolled in subscriptions or memberships they never agreed to or knew about. The complaint for this class action claims that Superior Global Marketing, Inc. (SGM) is one of those who enrolls consumers in continuous-service program without the disclosures and consent required by California law.   Read more

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Telebrands Charges for “Everyday Savings” Program Class Action

Plaintiff Barabara Rosenbloom called Telebrands Corp. to buy one item. Without her permission, the complaint alleges, Telebrands then began to charge her credit card $14.99 per month for its Everyday Savings Program.   Read more

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