Secure Parking Enforcement Unlawful Booting of Vehicles

This settlement resolves three class actions against Secure Parking Enforcement, LLC (SPE). The complaint alleged that SPE unlawfully booted vehicles from parking lots in Atlanta, Georgia and Union City, Georgia. Booting involves immobilizing a parked vehicle by attaching a device to its wheel or tire, so that it cannot move.  Read more

Car Wheel with Boot Attached

Ciox Medical Record Fees Texas Settlement

Ciox Health, LLC is settling a class action alleging it violated Texas law in what it charged for electronic copies of medical records. The complaint alleged it charged more than the Electronic Rate allowed for these records. In this settlement, the excess amount charged above the Electronic Rate is called the Disputed Fee.  Read more

Shelves with Medical Records

Celink and RMF Reverse Mortgage Extra Charges Class Action

Home equity conversion mortgages (HECMs) are what the complaint for this class action calls “the federally-insured version of so-called ‘reverse mortgage’ loans[.]” The complaint calls out the practices of Compu-Link Corporation, which does business as Celink, and Reverse Mortgage Funding, LLC (RMF), alleging that the companies have added fees, costs, charges, and penalties to HECM  Read more

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Conduent Loan Verification Certificate Settlement

Conduent Education Services, LLC (CES), Access Group, Inc., and Access Funding 2015-1, LLC—three entities that held or serviced Federal Family Loan and Education Program (FFELP) loans—are paying more than $3 million to settle a class action. The complaint alleged that, when student loan borrowers applied for Direct Loan Consolidation, CES did not provide loan verification  Read more

Conduent Name and Logo

Conservice Refusal to Provide Billing Information California Class Action

Conservice, LLC, which calls itself a utility management provider, bills individual tenants at apartment complexes for their share of utility bills for things like water, pest control, and trash. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Conservice does not follow California law for this pro-rata billing, alleging that it may add upcharges and  Read more

Faucet with Running Water

Suddenlink Reduced Maintenance, Poor Service Oklahoma Class Action

This class action takes issue with the service provided by Suddenlink Communications, under the control of Altice USA. The class is Suddenlink customers in Oklahoma, although much of the material presented by the complaint refers to Suddenlink performance in West Virginia. The complaint alleges that Altice has reduced its maintenance work, maintenance budget, and number  Read more

Suddenlink Stylized Name

Hopper Price Freeze Hidden Limits on Price Protection Class Action

Hopper (USA), Inc. offers a product it calls Price Freeze that purports to allow would-be travelers to freeze the price of hotels, flights, and car rentals they’re interested in, in order to have more time before they commit to arrangements. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Hopper in fact only protects from  Read more

Hopper Bunny Characters

UPS Store Overcharges for Notary Services New Jersey Class Action

The UPS Store, Inc. (TUPSS) offers packaging and delivery, plus other services, including notary services, at 161 locations in New Jersey. The complaint for this class action brings suit against TUPSS and a “representative defendant,” one of its many franchisees about these notary services. The complaint alleges that TUPSS requires its franchisees to charge double  Read more

A UPS Store

Klarna “Buy Now, Pay Later” Plan and NSF Fees Class Action

Klarna, Inc. offers a “buy now, pay later” service to consumers who would like to spread out their payments for a purchase over time. The complaint for this class action alleges that the company makes misrepresentations and omissions in suggesting that the service is free, when in reality, users are all too likely to incur  Read more

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Home Depot Credit Card “Balance Protect” Enrollment New York Class Action

This class action brings suit against Citicorp Credit Services, Inc. (USA), which puts out a Home Depot credit card. The card offers an add-on service that claims to cancel the balance on the card under certain circumstances. However, the complaint alleges both that the add-on service is “virtually worthless” and that card applicants are enrolled  Read more

The Former Citicorp Tower