Paylocity Account Executive Lowered Commissions Class Action

Paylocity Corporation maintains more than 500 account executives to sell its services around the country, the complaint for this class action says. These account executives are paid commissions on the sales they make for the company. For its Fiscal Year 2021, the complaint alleges that account executives were paid lower commissions than they expected, and  Read more

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CareerBuilder Sales Commissions Settlement

CareerBuilder, LLC and Apollo Global Management, Inc. are settling a class action alleging that they changed sales representatives’ compensation plans in early 2019, reducing and later eliminating commissions they owed the reps for sales they had already made. Originally, the reps were paid commissions of 2% or 4% on revenue from sales, the complaint alleges,  Read more

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WB Mason Commissions Reduced Retroactively Class Action

W.B. Mason Co. sells office supplies and related items, in part through account executives (AEs) or salespeople who sell or distribute the products. But the complaint alleges that the company has violated the New York Labor Laws (NYLL) and committed breach of contract and common-law fraud by retroactively reducing wages and commissions already earned by  Read more

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United Wholesale Mortgage Clawback of Commissions Class Action

Mortgage brokers earn commissions when their customers take loans with mortgage companies with which they have contracts. The contracts spell out the terms of these commissions. In this class action, a number of brokers, both individuals and companies, bring suit against United Shore Financial Services, LLC, which does business as United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), for  Read more

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Ohio National Refusal to Pay Variable Annuity Commissions Class Action

When a person or firm is laid off, what happens to any unpaid commissions they might have earned? The complaint for this class action says that Ohio National Life Insurance and related companies simply stopped paying the insurance commissions to securities representatives when it terminated its selling agreements with their companies. The complaint calls this  Read more

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Lord & Taylor Sales Associate Labor Law Violations Class Action

Susannah Mulhearn worked in the Lord & Taylor Eastchester store in Scarsdale, New York, in the Ladies’ and Men’s Shoe Departments. The complaint claims that Lord & Taylor, LLC violated both the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and New York Labor Law (NYLL) on several counts relating to overtime pay, minimum wages, and commissions, as  Read more

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Macy’s West Clawback of Employees’ Sales Commissions California Class Action

It’s frustrating when a person buys something at full price and the item is shortly afterwards put on sale. It’s nice when a company is willing to give the person a refund to make up for this. But does the company then have the right to take back some of the commission the sales associate  Read more

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