Prudential Long-Term Care Insurance Rate Increases ERISA Class Action

The defendants in this class action include the Prudential Insurance Company of America, which issued group long-term care insurance plans, and the sponsors of the plans, including Tufts University, in certain states. The problem? According to the complaint, the participants in the plans were told that their premiums could only be raised with the approval  Read more

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CalPERS Long Term Care Policies Settlement

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) is settling a class action about a steep price rise in its long-term care (LTC) insurance policies. The complaint alleged that CalPERS breached its contract with persons who had LTC policies with inflation-protection benefits when it raised its premiums by 85%. The increase was announced in 2013 and  Read more

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MetLife Insurance Premiums 700% Increases Class Action

“People buy life insurance for comfort and peace of mind.” The complaint for this class action begins its Allegations of Fact with this line. At issue is a policy with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife), for which MetLife has increased premiums over 700% in recent years. The complaint alleges that the increases are imposed on  Read more

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Continental Casualty Long-Term Care Premium Increases Class Action

Long-term care insurance is costly. Because people usually pay for it for years, or even decades, before they obtain any benefit from it, price increases are a concern. The complaint for this class action alleges that Continental Casualty Company has not kept its promises on “inflation protection” and the limitation of premium increases.  Read more

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Wilco Life Insurance Improper Cost of Insurance Increase Class Action

Insurance companies are limited in their ability to raise rates on their existing policies. In this class action, the complaint alleges that Wilco Life Insurance Company improperly imposed a rate increase on Form CLIC-3002 policies. The complaint alleges, “Wilco breached the implied and express terms of the policies and misleadingly stated that the increases were  Read more

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Amica Mutual Insurance Co. Premium Increases Class Action

This class action addresses rises in insurance rebuilding cost evaluations on homeowners’ policies issued by Amica Mutual Insurance Company. The complaint alleges that the coverage under an additional endorsement on Amica policies was adjusted too upwards when the policy was renewed, which the complaint claims is a breach of contract as well as a breach  Read more

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