Bank of America Did Not Refund Credit Card Late Fees as Promised Class Action

This class action on the purported waiver of credit card late fees, says in its Introduction, “The deadly Covid-19 pandemic created the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.” During this crisis, Bank of America, NA (BANA) promised to refund credit card late fees for customers in difficulty, but the complaint alleges that it rarely  Read more

Bank of America Sign Against Blue Sky

ClassPass Displays Non-Partners on Partners Network Class Action

ClassPass, Inc. is a “digital middleman” company that allows subscribers to book classes at gyms and fitness studios, and lately, also for services like manicures, massages, and haircuts. This class action brings suit against ClassPass, its CEO Fritz Lanman, and its Founder and Executive Chairman Payal Kadakia, claiming that it has presented itself as offering  Read more

ClassPass Logo

Amazon Withholding of Funds from Sellers with Paid Reviews Class Action

This class action is brought by a group of Chinese companies against four Amazon companies (Amazon.com, Inc., Amazon.com Services, LLC, Amazon Payments, Inc., and Amazon Capital Services, Inc.). The group alleges that Amazon owes them billions of dollars in merchant payments. At its core is an Amazon zero-tolerance policy against “incentivized” or paid reviews.  Read more

Seller Angelbliss Product Baby Fruit Feeder and Pacifier

Porsche Emissions Warranty “High-Priced” Parts California Class Action

California law requires emission control system warranties on new passenger vehicles. In particular, automakers are required to identify high-priced parts that pertain to emissions control and to provide a 7-year, 70,000-mile warranty for them. The complaint for this class action alleges that Porsche Cars North America, Inc. has improperly limited the parts it includes in  Read more

A Porsche Cayenne

Ulma Non-Normalized Flanges Unfair Competition Class Action

Ulma Forja, S.Coop and its US subsidiary, Ulma Piping USA Corp., make carbon steel flanges, which the companies originally sold in the US as being “normalized,” or heat-treated. This class action follows up on an earlier suit against the company, brought by two competitors on Ulma, during which Ulma executives admitted that most of their  Read more

Working on Ulma Component

Synta, Ningbo Sunny Consumer Telescope Antitrust Class Action

This is one of a number of antitrust class actions brought against makers and distributors of consumer telescopes in the US, Canada, Taiwan, and China. The complaint for this class action alleges that two companies were affiliates of each other rather than competitors, and that these companies, along with a number of others, colluded to  Read more

A Synta Telescope

Tootsie Roll Partially Hydrogenated Oil and Trans Fat California Class Action

Were Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pops made until recently with an unhealthy substance, that is, partially hydrogenated oil (PHO)? The complaint for this class action says they were, despite a declaratory order from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).   Read more

Tootsie Rolls, Wrapped and Unwrapped

Masonite and Jen-Weld Interior Molded Door Antitrust Class Action

What’s a doorskin? It’s a part of the most popular type of interior door sold in North America, the interior molded door. The complaint for this class action claims that Masonite Corporation and Jeld-Wen, Inc. violated antitrust laws despite a US Department of Justice (DOJ) effort to avoid this.   Read more

Jen-Weld Door

College Board and Educational Testing Service SAT Test Security Class Action

The SAT test is a major criterion for college admission, so it’s crucial that the testing process be uniform and that no student have an unfair advantage over others in taking the test. But the complaint for this class action claims that tests are sometimes reused, allowing some students to see test questions (and even  Read more

SAT Answer Coding Sheet and Pencil

Psychemedics Drug Testing Brazilian Affiliate Illegal Activity Securities Class Action

Facing a mature market in the US, Psychemedics Corporation looked to the Brazilian market for growth. But according to the complaint for this securities class action, it ruined that possibility by engaging in illegal, anti-competitive behavior in collusion with another company. The complaint says that the two companies entered into an agreement ensuring that Psychomedics  Read more

Psychemedics Hair Testing