Fashion Nova Suppressed Lower-Starred Reviews Pennsylvania Class Action

When consumers are considering buying something online, they often rely on reviews to help make a decision. In fact, the complaint for this Pennsylvania class action says that “ninety-three percent (93%) of adults in the United States read reviews before making online purchases.” But Fashion Nova, LLC, the complaint alleges, artificially inflates the value of  Read more

Fashion Nova Jeans

Amazon Prime Enrollment in Audible Subscriptions New York Class Action

Amazon.com, Inc. offers Amazon Prime membership for around $119 per year. Prime claims to offer many benefits, including free shipping on certain purchases, free media, and so on. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Amazon claims to offer “Free Titles at Audible” but then charges monthly fees for an Audible membership.  Read more

Amazon Audible Logo

Fashion Nova Suppresses Lower-Starred Reviews New Jersey Class Action

Most consumers read merchant reviews before they buy goods or services on the Internet. It’s therefore problematic, the complaint for this class action says, if a company suppresses reviews that feature lower ratings. The complaint alleges that Fashion Nova, LLC has allowed 4-star and 5-star reviews of its products to post automatically but has prevented  Read more

Fashion Nova Label in Garment

Castle Parking Solutions Booting in Georgia Settlement

Castle Parking Solutions, LLC is paying $3.5 million to resolve two class actions alleging it unlawfully booted vehicles in certain parking lots in Atlanta and Decatur, Georgia. Booting involves attaching a device to the wheel or tire of a parked vehicle that temporarily prevents the vehicle from operating.  Read more

Car Wheel with Boot Attached

Mikimoto Pearls Thin Layers of Nacre on Pearls Class Action

The complaint for this class action on cultured pearls opens by noting, “In literature, pearls have been integral as symbols for the purity of love and human aspiration.” The defendant is Mikimoto (America) Co. Ltd., which presents itself as a producer of high-quality, high-priced cultured pearls, the complaint alleges, yet offering pearls with too-thin layers  Read more

Mikimoto Pearl Necklaces

Streamlabs Unwitting Sign-Ups for Auto-Renewal Subscriptions Class Action

Is a donation accompanied by a GIF enough to get you signed up to an automatically renewing subscription for Streamlabs Pro? The complaint for this class action alleges that this is so, and that Streamlabs, LLC is signing up people who never so much as expressed interest in having a subscription to its software.  Read more

Streamlabs Logo

Vidant Health Excessive and Undisclosed Charges to Patients Class Action

Vidant Health (officially University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina, Inc.) is a not-for-profit group of nine hospitals and other facilities, with revenue that in 2017 was over a billion and a half dollars a year. The complaint for this class action alleges that Vidant refuses to tell patients about costs before they get care, then  Read more

Vidant Medical Center

Fidelity Pays Fraudulent Checks on Investment Account Hawaii Class Action

Fidelity Investments, Inc. refused to honor a check for $25,000 on the account belonging to the plaintiff in this case, because the signature on it did not match his signature on file. The problem, the complaint for this class action claims, was that Fidelity had already honored fifteen other checks and three direct deposits on  Read more

Fidelity Investments Sign

Markstein Alcoholic Beverages Late Charges Settlement

Markstein Beverage Co. of Sacramento is settling a class action about late fees charged on its invoices for alcoholic beverages that remained unpaid on the 43rd day after delivery. The complaint alleged that the California Business & Professions Code permits only a 1% late fee, but that Markstein charged a late fee of 2%, or  Read more

Three Glasses of Beer

Westgate Timeshares Pressure Tactics and Overselling Class Action

This class action takes issue with methods used in the sale of timeshares, by Westgate Resorts, Ltd. and ten other Westgate companies, and two Central Florida Investments companies. The complaint alleges that the companies use a “high pressure scheme” to make sales, without disclosing to customers all legally-required information, and without providing sufficient access to  Read more

Westgate Resort in Orlando, Florida