Buffalo Wild Wings 99-Cent Takeout Service Fee Class Action

The defendants in this class action are Buffalo Wild Wings International, Inc. and its parent company, Inspire Brands, Inc. The complaint alleges that Buffalo Wild Wings stores displays “deceptive and untruthful menu prices” to customers who are placing takeout orders, because it adds 99 cents to each such order.  Read more

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Sound Credit Union Collateral Protection Insurance Washington Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Sound Credit Union, alleging it violated the Washington Consumer Protection Act and Washington common law. The complaint brought suit against Sound for charging borrowers for collateral protection insurance premiums, not fully refunding unearned premiums, and charging unauthorized fees and interest.  Read more

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LinkedIn Subscriptions and Oregon’s Automatic Renewal Law Class Action

More and more companies are seeking to enroll consumers in subscription programs. In this class action, the complaint alleges that LinkedIn Corporation is one of them, enrolling consumers in LinkedIn Premium or LP subscriptions, but it also claims that LinkedIn does not fulfill the requirements of Oregon’s Automatic Renewal Law (ARL).  Read more

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US Bank Drilled Safe Deposit Boxes California Class Action

People often consider safe deposit boxes the ultimate safekeeping location. But this class action alleges that some persons were robbed of the items in their safe deposit boxes with US Bancorp and US Bank, NA in California because, it claims, the bank took cost-cutting measures purportedly to “consolidate” its holdings of safe deposit boxes which  Read more

Safe Deposit Box

Dave App Cash Advances High Borrowing Costs Class Action

Dave, Inc. provides the Dave app, which lets people “get paid early,” advancing them up to $250, purportedly without charging them a fee. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Dave is skirting lending regulations “through a linguistic trick: calling the payments to use its service ‘tips,’ ‘express fees,’ and a ‘subscription fee,’  Read more

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Hercules Laundry Cards Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action alleging that Hercules Corporation misrepresented the value of its reloadable cash cards to be used with laundry machines Hercules provides and services by setting prices in such a way that the cards would always have a remainder balance, then charging card holders a $5 processing fee to retrieve that  Read more

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Google AdWords Invalid Activity Settlement

Google, LLC is settling a class action that alleges that certain Adwords advertisers should receive refunds or credits associated with certain of their ads. The complaint alleged that the advertisers’ Adwords ads appeared on a DoubleClick Ad Exchange publisher website, but Google withheld payment from the publisher, claiming that the clicks or impressions involved were  Read more

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Timberland Bank Multiple NSF Fees, Unfair OD Fees Class Action

This class action takes issue with two practices allegedly engaged in by Timberland Bank. First, it claims the bank charges multiple non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees on a single item presented for payment. Second, it claims that Timberland imposes overdraft (OD) fees on accounts that were not actually overdrawn.  Read more

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Fashion Nova Suppressed Lower-Starred Reviews Pennsylvania Class Action

When consumers are considering buying something online, they often rely on reviews to help make a decision. In fact, the complaint for this Pennsylvania class action says that “ninety-three percent (93%) of adults in the United States read reviews before making online purchases.” But Fashion Nova, LLC, the complaint alleges, artificially inflates the value of  Read more

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Amazon Prime Enrollment in Audible Subscriptions New York Class Action

Amazon.com, Inc. offers Amazon Prime membership for around $119 per year. Prime claims to offer many benefits, including free shipping on certain purchases, free media, and so on. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Amazon claims to offer “Free Titles at Audible” but then charges monthly fees for an Audible membership.  Read more

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