ADP Charges for Services for Terminated Employees Class Action

ADP, LLC provides payroll and human resource management services to companies. The complaint for this class action alleges that ADP sometimes continues to charge per-person fees for terminated employees unless the company involved specifically “archives” the terminated persons. It also claims that ADP does not adequately disclose the need to take this step, but simply  Read more

ADP Logo

Western Dental Late Fees California Settlement

Western Dental Services, Inc. is paying $3 million to settle a class action alleging that the company violated California law when it charged customers late fees for payments on installment contracts for dental services.  Read more

A Western Dental Office

CSC ServiceWorks Charges Fee for Laundry Cards Refund Class Action

When services require the use of a cash card, what provisions should they make for giving refunds? The complaint takes issue with the practices of CSC ServiceWorks, Inc., for their practices with laundry cards that permit the use of washers and dryers in a specific building. It alleges that the company charges “a hidden fee”  Read more

A Bank of CSC Dryers

ECI Apartments Unrefunded Security Deposits Settlement

ECI Group, Inc., ECI Management, LLC, and DeKalb-Lake Ridge, LLC are settling a class action charging that they did not return some or all security deposits when tenants moved out and did not provide a list of damages to their apartments, within three days, specifying the reasons the money was being withheld. The apartments at  Read more

ECI Property: The Columns at Bentley Manor

Envision Healthcare Anesthesia Charges Arizona Settlement

Envision Healthcare Corporation, EmCare, Inc., and Anesthesia Physicians of Arizona, PC are settling a class action that centers on billing for anesthesia services. The complaint alleged that the companies violated the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act because they did not provide sufficient information about their identity, network status, and fees, and then charged patients excessive rates.  Read more

Patient Undergoing Anesthesia

Disney Movie Club Automatic Renewal California Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Buena Vista Catalogue Co., which does business as Disney Movie Club, claiming that it enrolled consumers in automatic renewal or continuous service subscriptions without meeting all requirements of California’s Automatic Renewal Law and other state consumer protection laws. Among other things, the law requires that companies present consumers  Read more

An Array of Disney DVDs

Spectrum Internet Service Charges Before Service Begins Class Action

When you call a telecommunications company to request Internet service, from what day may they bill you? The complaint for this class action alleges that Charter Communications, Inc., which provides Internet services under the Spectrum name, begins billing subscribers before it has begun providing them with services.  Read more

Charter Communications Spectrum Van

Sirius XM “Lifetime” Radio Subscription Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Sirius XM, with its “lifetime” plans or subscriptions at issue. The complaint alleged that Sirius XM breached its agreements when it failed to honor “lifetime” subscriptions, claiming that the “lifetime” promise referred to the lifetime of the original radio used for the subscription and not of the subscriber.  Read more

Sirius XM on Screen

Air Products and Chemicals Arbitrary Surcharges Class Action

If a contract permits the entry of unspecified “Surcharges,” how must these be assessed? The complaint for this class action alleges that Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. breached its “Product Supply Agreements and its good-faith obligations” by adding surcharges in an arbitrary and discriminatory way.  Read more

Air Product Gas Truck

Point & Pay Misstatement of Processing Fees Florida Class Action

Point & Pay is a “funds transmission service and bill payment processing company” which has more than 1,500 clients, including governments, utilities, and courts. However, the complaint for this class action allege that the company and its clients “misrepresent, conceal, and misstate processing fees” to consumers, so that they end up paying more than they  Read more

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