Clean Harbors Colfax Disposal of Ordinance and Nearby Properties Class Action

This class action concerns the disposal of hazardous waste by a facility of Clean Harbors Colfax, LLC because of loud noise, shock waves, toxic smoke, bad odors, and drifting particulate, which affect nearby properties. This class action claims that the company disposes of not only toxic materials but also armaments and explosive substances, and that  Read more

Clean Harbors Colfax Facility

Verizon Fiber Optic Cable Across Texas Property Class Action

This Texas class action claims that Verizon Communications, Inc. has been trespassing onto private land in that state, installing or using “miles of fiber optic cable” for the purposes of its communications business—without any legal right to do so, without consent from the owners, and without compensation to them, the complaint alleges.  Read more

Land in Irion County, Texas

3M Firefighting Foam and PFAS in Water Supplies Wisconsin Class Action

The Ansul Fire Technology Center (AFTC) in Marinette, Wisconsin is used for training, testing, research, and development of fire suppressants. The complaint for this class action brings suit against the 3M Company for its aqueous film-foaming foam (AFFF) that the complaint claims has released potentially harmful chemicals into the environment which have found their way  Read more

Marinette County, Wisconsin

Chemtool Illinois Facility Explosion and Fire Class Action

On June 14, 2021, an explosion took place at a Rockton, Illinois facility operated by Chemtool Incorporated and the Lubrizol Corporation. The complaint for this class action claims the explosion “result[ed] in an enormous chemical fire that caused a massive toxic smoke and dust plume, visible from more than 100 miles away and detected by  Read more

Chemtool Facility Explosion and Fire