US Bank Drilled Safe Deposit Boxes California Class Action

People often consider safe deposit boxes the ultimate safekeeping location. But this class action alleges that some persons were robbed of the items in their safe deposit boxes with US Bancorp and US Bank, NA in California because, it claims, the bank took cost-cutting measures purportedly to “consolidate” its holdings of safe deposit boxes which  Read more

Safe Deposit Box

OnePlus 9, 9 Pro Smartphones Lowered Performance Class Action

The complaint for this class action calls OnePlus USA Corp. and OnePlus, Inc. “a globally-recognized smartphone brand with ‘a cultlike following[.]’” Among their products are the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro smartphones, which the complaint for this class action alleges have been deceptively programmed. “Specifically, benchmark applications are set to receive full access to  Read more

OnePlus 9 Pro Smartphone

Google Placing Free Ads on Others’ Websites Class Action

Who should the advertising on your website benefit? The complaint for this class action alleges that Google placed cost-free advertising on non-Google websites without the consent of the owners of the websites. Even worse, that advertising often damaged the owners of the websites.  Read more

Google "G" Logo on Four-Color Background

Apple FaceTime App and iPhone 4 or 4s Florida Class Action

This very interesting class action describes a chain of events that allegedly led Apple, Inc. to “break” FaceTime for users of older iPhones. The users of the older phones had to upgrade to a new operating system that slowed their phones considerably, buy new phones, or give up FaceTime. The complaint alleges that Apple did  Read more

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