Aeroflot and Finnair Missed Flights Montreal Convention Class Action

This class action brings its first count under the Montreal Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air of 1999. However, it also claims breach of contract and RICO Act charges. At issue is a missed Aeroflot Russian Airlines and Finnair OYJ flight.   Read more

Aeroflot Aircraft Climbing into the Sky

AirMedCare Network Medical Air Transportation Sales Commissions Class Action

This class action is about incursions into sales territory and the failure to credit the salespeople assigned to that territory. What are the companies selling? Medical air transportation memberships.   Read more

AirMedCare Helicopter Flying Over Bridge

Air Canada, Ukraine International Airlines Avoidable Delays Class Action

Air travel delays may be unavoidable—because of weather events, for example. But what if delays are caused by poor maintenance or other things that would have been avoidable with some care and due diligence? The complaint for this class action claims that the plaintiffs were delayed for as much as twenty-four hours, with limited access  Read more

Air Canada Plane in Flight

New York City Subway Barriers Against Falls and Pushes onto Tracks Class Action

In 2016 alone, the New York City subway had 168 “incidents involving customers who came in contact with trains”; forty-eight of them died. The complaint for this class action claims that all 472 New York City subway stations should have guardrails between tracks and platforms and that the refusal to install them constitutes defective design,  Read more

Train Running Through New York City Station