Shellpoint Debt Collection Calls Massachusetts Settlement

NewRez, LLC, which does business as Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, is settling a class action alleging it violated Massachusetts laws by making more than two telephone calls in seven-day period to consumers in order to collect a debt. The complaint alleged that Shellpoint violated the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act and Massachusetts Debt Collection Regulations.  Read more

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Navient Solutions Excessive Debt Collection Calls Massachusetts Settlement

Navient Solutions, LLC is settling a Massachusetts class action alleging the company violated state laws, including the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act, Massachusetts General Laws, and Massachusetts Debt Collection Regulations. The complaint alleged that the company placed more than two calls about a debt to Massachusetts consumers in a seven-day period.  Read more

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United Shore Financial Services Excessive Debt Calls Massachusetts Class Action

Massachusetts has its own debt collection laws governing the behavior of debt collectors towards consumer debtors. This class action alleges that these laws have been violated by United Shore Financial Services, LLC, a wholesale lender which does business as United Wholesale Mortgage.  Read more

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