Founders Insurance Total Losses Tax and Title Payouts Settlement

Founders Insurance Company is settling a class action alleging that, when it makes a payout for a total loss under an insurance policy in Ohio, it is required to include sales tax and title transfer fees for the supposed new vehicle.  Read more

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Progressive Direct Additional Fees on Total Losses Alabama Class Action

Progressive Direct Insurance Company sells auto insurance in many states, but this class action concerns payouts for total losses to Alabama residents. The complaint alleges that Progressive refuses to pay certain Additional Fees that it is required to pay on total losses.  Read more

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Carvana Delays in Transferring Permanent Title to Buyers Class Action

According to this class action, auto dealer Carvana, LLC delays for months before properly and permanently transferring vehicles’ title to their purchasers, leaving them with only temporary and sometimes out-of-state plates. The complaint alleges, “As a result, consumers are often unable to legally drive the cars they purchased because they cannot timely register the car  Read more

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Amica Mutual Insurance Total Loss Title and Registration Fees Florida Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Amica Property and Casualty Company about its insurance payouts for vehicles that are declared total losses. The complaint alleged that the payouts should have included $79.85 in title and registration fees to the amounts paid out for the actual cash value of vehicles declared total losses.  Read more

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