Avatel Technologies Force-Placed Insurance on Leased Equipment Class Action

Force-place insurance, also known as lender-placed insurance (LPI), is often found in connection with mortgages, when the borrower fails to maintain an adequate policy and the lender force-places one to protect against property losses. In this case, the insurance was placed on voice, data, or video equipment leased through financing, but the allegations the complaint  Read more

Charter Communications Massachusetts Cable Outage Settlement

Charter Communications is settling a class action alleging that it should have given customers credits for outages of cable services that lasted for twenty-four or more consecutive hours and that were caused by severe weather events, such as Hurricane Irene. This includes outages of cable TV, telephone, or Internet services, or a loss of electricity  Read more

AT&T Mobile Unfair and Monopolistic Phone Device Practices Class Action

In this pro se case, Plaintiff Roy A. Day claims that he bought a Nokia 1520 mobile device on June 7, 2014 and that he was told that AT&T Mobile had exclusive rights to provide services to that model of phone. He claims to have followed AT&T’s instructions to have the phone unlocked, but that  Read more

CenturyLink Fraudulent Charges and Deceptive Practices Class Action

When plaintiff Anna Williams wanted to transfer her CenturyLink account into the name of Gulf Coast Attorneys, the complaint for this class action alleges, the company told her she wouldn’t have to terminate her account and open a new one—and then she was charged new account activation fees and other charges she’d been told she  Read more

AT&T Failure to Port Telephone Number Incorrect Transfer Class Action

Farrow Road Dental Group has brought a class action against AT&T Corp. and Bellsouth Telecommunications, alleging that they failed to properly transfer its telephone numbers to another carrier. The class for this class action consist of all customers of AT&T who experienced the following: Asking AT&T to cancel service and port numbers to another carrier;  Read more

CenturyLink Fraudulent Telecommunications Charges Class Action

According to the complaint for this class action, CenturyLink customers routinely receive both poor service and extra charges for Internet services.  Read more