Suddenlink Reduced Maintenance, Poor Service Oklahoma Class Action

This class action takes issue with the service provided by Suddenlink Communications, under the control of Altice USA. The class is Suddenlink customers in Oklahoma, although much of the material presented by the complaint refers to Suddenlink performance in West Virginia. The complaint alleges that Altice has reduced its maintenance work, maintenance budget, and number  Read more

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Global Tel*Link AdvancePay Funds Settlement

Global Tel*Link (GTL) is paying $67 million to settle a class action alleging that it improperly took funds from prepayments in AdvancePay accounts that had been inactive for 180 days or less. At the time, GTL had a policy allowing it to do this, but the complaint alleged that it violated GTL’s contracts with its  Read more

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Walmart Prepaid Wireless Telecommunications Charge Missouri Settlement

Walmart is paying $600,000 to settle a class action alleging that Walmart for a time over-collected Prepaid Wireless Telecommunications Service Charges (PWTSC). The complaint alleges Walmart charged too much on retail purchases made in Missouri stores of prepaid phone or data minutes, by cards, electronically, or by other methods.  Read more

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AT&T Wireless Data Throttling California Settlement

AT&T Mobility, LLC is choosing to settle a California class action brought by users of its unlimited wireless data plans. The complaint alleged that users were inadequately informed that the “unlimited” data included a throttling, suspension, or slowing of data speeds after use reached a certain threshold of use.  Read more

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Suddenlink Poor Services and No Payments Arkansas Class Action

This class action is brought by the city of Gurdon, Arkansas against Altice, Inc., which does business as Suddenlink Communications. The company’s website presents it as one of the largest broadband and video services providers in the US, but the complaint alleges it is not registered to do business in Arkansas and that it provides  Read more

AT&T Mobility Charges for Services Not Requested California Class Action

AT&T National Mobility Accounts, Inc. and AT&T Corporation are telecommunications companies that offer cell phone services in Georgia and New Jersey. The complaint for this class action alleges that the companies “knowingly and actively” charged customers for Internet Services Tech Support 360 services, when the customers had never bought or subscribed to those services, and  Read more

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Charter Communications Spectrum Self-Installation Fee Class Action

When you pay a fee to a company, you normally expect to get something of value for it. The complaint for this class action alleges that Charter Communications, Inc. (CCI) charges a self-installation fee for its “free” modems and customer self-installation of its Spectrum Internet systems—in other words, for nothing of value.  Read more

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Cox Communications Misrepresented Internet Speeds Class Action

Plaintiff David Ehrman has been paying a premium for faster home Internet connections to Cox Communications, Inc. “in reliance on [Cox’s] advertisements and related statements concerning the speed, functionality, and reliability” of their services. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that the advertised speeds of Cox’s connections are rarely if ever achieved by  Read more

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County of Los Angeles Telephone Tax Settlement

The County of Los Angeles is putting up nearly $17 million to settle a class action alleging that it caused telephone service providers to collect taxes from customers on services that were not taxable. The complaint alleges that taxes should have been collected only on local services and on long distance services where charges varied  Read more

City of Long Beach, CA Telephone Tax Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action that alleges that the City of Long Beach, California required telephone service providers to collect more utility user taxes (UUTs) than it should have. The complaint claimed that taxes should have been collected only on local and long distance service where charges for calls varied by both time and  Read more