USAA Casualty Insurance Inclusions in Total Loss Payments Georgia Class Action

The issue in this class action is payment of motor vehicles title ad valorem tax (TAVT) by the insurance company when an insured vehicle is declared a total loss. The complaint alleges that this payment is required by the state of Georgia but that USAA Casualty Insurance Company does not pay it. It also claims  Read more


Large Retailers No State Tax Due on Face Masks Pennsylvania Class Action

This class action brings suit against a variety of businesses operating in Pennsylvania, including Walmart, Inc. and the Home Depot, Inc. for charging sales tax on face masks. The complaint alleges that masks are exempt at the moment from Pennsylvania state sales tax, and claims that the companies who have been collecting it from consumers  Read more

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Michigan Counties Keep All Proceeds from Tax Sales of Properties Class Action

If a person does not pay the taxes owed on a piece of property, the property itself may be seized and sold to generate money to pay the taxes. What this class action objects to is the practice it alleges against Michigan counties who keep the entire sum generated by the sale, even if it  Read more

Gratiot County Courthouse, Michigan

Overstock.com Taxes on Sales Delivered to Missouri Customers Class Action

This class action concerns the amount of tax charged to Missouri customers by Overstock.com, Inc. on a purchase made by remote means, where the items purchased are shipped from outside Missouri to an address within Missouri. The complaint alleges that the company charges higher sales tax rates than those set forth by Missouri itself, which  Read more

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Zefco Fraudulent Accounting for Workers and IRS Class Action

It’s not unusual to see class actions taking employers to task for improper payment schemes that allow them to underpay workers. This class action takes things farther: It claims that Zefco, Inc. and its operators William and Lanette Zearley had such improper payment schemes that they led to false reporting and the underpayment of taxes  Read more

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H&R Block Undermining of “Free File” Tax Program Class Action

This class action alleges that H&R Block, Inc., HRB Tax Group, Inc., HRB Digital, LLC, and Free File, Inc. are not making their required free tax preparation services available enough to consumers. The complaint alleges that the Block companies hide the free tax preparation services and instead direct people to the paid sections of their  Read more

US Defense Company Employees in Australia Tax Info Class Action

This class action concerns Americans working in a Joint Defense Facility Pine Gap (JDFPG) in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. The complaint alleges that private tax information was illegally disclosed to their employers, and that the employees were later coerced into agreeing to disclosure of their tax information, to ensure that they were completing their  Read more

Joint Defense Facility Pine Gap in Alice Springs

Expedia Tax Overcharge for Reservations.com Hotel Rooms Class Action

Reservations.com has no direct agreements with hotels, the complaint for this class action alleges. Instead, it gets its room listings from Expedia, Inc. and that company’s subsidiaries, EAN.com, LP, Travelscape, LLC, and Hotels.com, LP. And, the complaint says, those companies overcharge Reservation.com’s customers for taxes and fees due on those rooms.  Read more

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Artex Captive Insurance Strategies Fraud and RICO Class Action

A group of companies and individuals, the complaint for this class action alleges, duped people into taking part in an illegal tax-shelter scheme it calls the Captive Insurance Strategies. The complaint claims that the group violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and committed fraud, among other things.  Read more

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Northern Leasing Systems Property Tax Payments Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action that alleges that Northern Leasing Systems, Inc. and associated companies charged improper taxes and fees in connection with the lease of credit card equipment. The complaint claims that the taxes and fees should have been assessed based on the “equipment cost” but that instead the company used an “acquisition  Read more