National Grid Improper Charges for Taxes Not Owed Class Action

This class action alleges that National Grid USA Services Co., Inc. and Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation (which does business as National Grid) are undermining the ability of renewable energy companies to compete in providing energy in New York. It claims that, when they charged two renewable energy companies for connections to their grid, they required  Read more

Electrical Towers Against Sunset

California FTB Limited Liability Corporation Tax Settlement

The California Franchise Tax Board has agreed to settle class actions about the LLC levy it imposed on limited liability corporations for tax years 1994 through 2006. During this time, LLCs were required to pay an annual levy, or fee, based on their total worldwide income, regardless of whether that income came from activities in  Read more

California Franchise Tax Board

Palo Alto Utility Users Tax Settlement

The City of Palo Alto is settling a class action about a Utility Users Tax (UUT) it collected from telephone users in the city. The complaint alleged that the tax was unlawful on certain tax-exempt telephone services.  Read more

Aerial View of Stanford University

Horry County, South Carolina Hospitality Tax Settlement

The City of Myrtle Beach brought a class action against Horry County, both in South Carolina, alleging that the county did not have the right to impose hospitality fees on its municipalities without their consent. This settlement resolves that class action. The hospitality fees include the county’s 1.5% uniform service charge on accommodations, prepared food  Read more

Myrtle Beach, a City in Horry County, SC

Michigan Keeps Surplus in Tax Sales of Properties Class Action

If a person owns a property and falls behind on the tax payments on it, the property can be seized by the government entity to which the taxes are owed and sold to pay the taxes owed. This class action brings suit against a number of Michigan counties—Huron, Sanilac, St. Clair, Lapeer, and Genesee—alleging that  Read more

St. Clair County, Michigan

Northern Leasing Systems Property Tax Payments Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action that alleges that Northern Leasing Systems, Inc. and associated companies charged improper taxes and fees in connection with the lease of credit card equipment. The complaint claims that the taxes and fees should have been assessed based on the “equipment cost” but that instead the company used an “acquisition  Read more

GoPro Excessive Sales Tax Collection Florida Class Action

When plaintiff Luis Cabassa traded in his old GoPro camera for a discount on a new one, he expected to be charged sales tax only on the amount of the sale—that is, the amount he was paying for the new device. Instead, the complaint for this class action alleges, GoPro charged him sales tax on  Read more

Costco New York Excessive Sales Tax Collection Class Action

According to the complaint for this class action, Costco had customers pay portions of certain New York sales taxes on coupon-related, reduced-price items that were Costco’s responsibility, thus shifting some of its tax burden onto customers.  Read more