Antech Diagnostics Fingerprints and Handprints Illinois BIPA Class Action

The complaint for this class action describes Antech Diagnostics, Inc. as “a veterinary diagnostic and lab testing facility” in Illinois. According to the complaint, Antech requires employees to scan their fingerprints or handprints for timekeeping purposes. However, the complaint brings suit against Antech and Vicar Operating, Inc. (which does business as VIPA), alleging the companies  Read more

Antech Building

Par-a-Dice Hotel Casino Illinois BIPA Settlement

Par-a-Dice Hotel Casino (PAD) and Boyd Gaming Corporation are settling a class action alleging they captured the biometric data of individuals at the casino’s Sportsbook in East Peoria, Illinois. The complaint alleged the companies violated an Illinois, the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) by capturing the data without complying with all of BIPA’s requirements.  Read more

Par-a-Dice Hotel Casino

PlanetArt Fingerprints for Timekeeping Illinois BIPA Class Action

Many companies are now using biometrics for timekeeping purposes. Because of the risks of the theft of this kind of information, Illinois has a Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) with basic guidelines for the collection, storage, and use of biometrics by private companies operating in that state. The complaint for this class action alleges that  Read more

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Pandora Jewelry Facial Scans for Virtual Try-Ons Illinois BIPA Class Action

Pandora Jewelry, LLC and Pandora EComm, LLC are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Danish jewelry company Pandora A/S. The Pandora website which sells the jewelry offers a Virtual Try-On feature that allows website visitors to see various pieces of jewelry superimposed on an image of themselves. Up until recently, the complaint for this class action alleges,  Read more

Pandora Jewelry

Connor Group Biometrics Illinois BIPA Settlement

The Connor Group, A Real Estate Investment Firm, LLC (TCG) is settling a class action alleging it collected biometric identifiers or biometric information for timekeeping without first providing notice, obtaining informed, written consent, or making publicly available a biometric data policy, as required by the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).  Read more

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Native Wholesale Illinois BIPA Settlement

Native Wholesale, Inc. is settling an Illinois class action alleging that it violated the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), an Illinois law that regulates the capturing, storage, use, and disclosure of biometric information. The complaint alleges that Native did not provide the required written disclosures or obtain written consent from the subjects before it had  Read more

Bio Fingerprint with Lines

Match.com, Tinder Sharing of Biometrics, Other Info Class Action

Match Group, LLC, which does business as Match.com, offers more than forty dating applications, including Tinder. Tinder collects private information on its users, which the complaint for this class action claims includes biometric information, which it shares with third parties. The complaint alleges that Tinder’s use of this information violates New York state privacy laws  Read more

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Sysco Use of Facial Scans to Judge Driver Fatigue Illinois BIPA Class Action

Sysco Chicago, Inc. and its parent company, Sysco Corporation, have facial scans taken of the drivers operating their trucks and delivery vehicles, using facial recognition software provided by Samsara, Inc. This system is intended to monitor drivers’ fatigue and levels of distraction, but the complaint for this class action alleges that for drivers in Illinois,  Read more

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Match, Tinder Facial Scans for Verification BIPA Class Action

Match Group, Inc. owns around forty-five dating companies around the world, including Match.com, Tinder, OKCupid, and PlentyOfFish, among others. This class action brings suit against Match Group, Inc., Match Gorup, LLC, and Tinder, Inc., claiming that Tinder uses biometric facial scans for verification, including for verification of identities of people in Illinois, without fulfilling the  Read more

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Apple Photos App Collects Biometrics Illinois BIPA Class Action

This class action claims that Apple, Inc. collects, stores, and uses biometrics, in violation of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), via its Photos App. The complaint alleges that Apple not only does not fulfill BIPA’s requirements when it collects the information but also that it profits from the biometrics, which the law prohibits.  Read more

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