Grimmway “Sustainable” and “Regenerative” Environmental Claims Class Action

Companies these days are aware that many consumers care about the environment and so often tout their efforts at sustainability and environmental responsibility. The complaint for this class action, however, brings suit against Grimmway Enterprises, Inc. for making what it alleges are false claims about things like “regenerative farming practices” and “preserving our natural resources.”  Read more

Grimmway Carrots

H&M Clothing Sustainability Claims New York Class Action

H&M, or Hennes & Mauritz, LP, is one of the world’s largest retailers, specializing in clothing, including fast fashion. As more and more consumers seek to shop and live in ways that do less harm to the environment, H&M has begun making claims about the sustainability of certain lines of its clothing, including creating “Sustainability  Read more

H&M Sign on Building

Walgreen Bags Not Recyclable in California Class Action

In recent years, more and more attention has been focused on plastic waste and its persistence in the environment. This class action concerns California’s SB 270 law on reusable plastic-film store bags. The complaint alleges that Walgreen Company violates the law because it gives customers reusable plastic-film bags that that are not recyclable.  Read more

A Walgreens Store

Allbirds “Environmentally-Friendly” Claims New York Class Action

Allbirds, Inc. makes shoes from wool, which it advertises with the use of “eco-friendly phrases,” talking about sustainability, carbon footprint, and happy sheep. But the complaint alleges that these claims about environmental impact and animal welfare are misleading and not substantiated.  Read more

Allbirds Shoes

Red Lobster “Sustainable” Maine Lobsters and Shrimp California Class Action

What should the word “sustainable” mean when it’s used in marketing to consumers? This class action brings suit against a number of Red Lobster entities, alleging that Red Lobster restaurants claim the seafood in their menu items is “sustainable,” when in actuality the Maine lobster and shrimp are from sources that “use environmentally destructive practices,”  Read more

Lobster Meal at Red Lobster

Hefty Recycling Bags Not Recyclable California Class Action

What do consumers expect of a trash bag that’s marketed as a recycling bag? The complaint for this class action alleges that reasonable consumers will expect such bags to be recyclable. However, Hefty Recycling Bags (offered by Reynolds Consumer Products, Inc. and Reynolds Consumer Products, LLC) are not recyclable. The complaint claims that statements made  Read more

Box of Hefty Recyling Bags

Mowi Ducktrap Salmon “Sustainably Sourced” Claims Class Action

What does “sustainably sourced” mean? This class action takes issue with this claim as it appears on labels of smoked salmon products from Mowi ASA, Mowi USA, LLC, and Mowi Ducktrap, LLC. The complaint alleges that the Mowi products are instead “produced using unsustainable industrial farming practices.”  Read more

Package of Mowi Ducktrap Smoked Salmon

Mowi Salmon Claims: “Sustainable,” “Natural,” “From Maine” Class Action

The product at issue in this class action is smoked Atlantic salmon. The allegations concern how consumers interpret product claims like “sustainably sourced” and “all natural.” The complaint alleges that Mowi USA, LLC and Mowi Ducktrap, LLC make claims on their packaging and advertising of the salmon products that deceive consumers.  Read more

Package of Mowi Ducktrap Smoked Salmon