Spectranetics (SPNC) Securities Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that executives at Spectranetics failed to properly warn of problems in its revenue forecasts and this failure to fully disclose these problems led to an artificially inflated stock price.  ¬† Read more

MaxPoint Interactive (MXPT) Securities Fraud Class action Lawsuit

This securities fraud lawsuit alleges that MaxPoint Interactive failed to properly disclose to investors during its IPO that most of its business was concentrated in less than 50 customers subjecting MaxPoint Interactive to undisclosed customer budget constraints.  MaxPoint has lost 60% of its value since the IPO in March, 2015.¬† Read more

Trinet (TNET) Securities Fraud Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that TriNet did not properly model medical and insurance costs for its workers compensation services, thereby overstating revenues and net income for the time period in question.  What makes these allegations partially troubling is that the industry as a whole seemed to be adjusting costs upward at a time when the company¬† Read more