ADT Technician Accessed Cameras in Private Homes Class Action

In April 2020, ADT, LLC (which does business as ADT Security Service) told customer Randy Doty that the technician who had installed his security system had granted himself access to their cameras and had spied on him and his family. This class action brings suit against ADT and the technician, Telesforo Aviles, on behalf of  Read more

ADT Sign Among Flowers

Ring Security System Hackers Spy Inside Homes Class Action

What would you think if your two-way security system played horror movie music in your child’s room? And when she entered, a man’s voice said, “Hello there” and then began shouting racial slurs? The complaint for this class action alleges that certain of Ring, LLC’s security systems are vulnerable to takeovers by hackers, scaring people,  Read more

Image Representing a Hacker Backed by Blue Numbers on Screen