Spartan Race Insurance Fee Settlement

Spartan Race, Inc. is choosing to settle a class action on behalf of individuals who took part in races sponsored by Spartan Race for which they paid a $14 “Racer Insurance Fee.” The complaint alleges that Spartan kept most of the fee for itself, violating consumer protection laws of both Florida and Massachusetts.  Read more

Spartan Race

Alliance of American Football Players and Termination Class Action

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) played its first games to great fanfare in February 2019. Eight weeks later, its operations were “indefinitely suspended.” Two players in the league, who had three-year contracts, bring this class action against AAF Players, LLC (the AAF), Legendary Field Exhibitions, LLC, AAF Properties, LLC, Ebersol Sports Media Group, Inc.  Read more

Alliance of American Football Logo with Image of Charging Player

NCAA and Football Head Injuries at University at Buffalo Class Action

Plaintiff Adam Lott played football at University at Buffalo (UB) from 2006 to 2011. He now suffers from emotional instability and losses of impulse control, inhibition, concentration, and memory. The complaint for this class action alleges that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) knew about the dangers of football for decades yet took no steps  Read more

University at Buffalo Campus

Rams Personal Seat Licenses Settlement

Three class actions brought against the St. Louis Rams are resolved in this settlement. The lawsuits claimed that when the Rams moved to Los Angeles in 2016, they breached contracts and violated the rights that plaintiffs had under personal seat license (PSL) agreements.   Read more

NCAA Failure to Take Action on Football Head Injuries Class Action

“[T]he majority of football-related hits to the head exceed 20Gs, with some approaching 100Gs.” So says the complaint for this class action, suing the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for not disclosing information about the traumatic effects of head injuries, even though, the complaint says, the organization knew about them for decades.   Read more

Football Player Taking Impact to Head

NCAA and University Sued in Class Action Over Football Brain Injuries

Is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) responsible for not adequately warning college football players about brain injuries? Can a class action successfully address this? This class action brings suit against the NCAA as well as the University of La Verne (ULV) by a former college athlete who played for ULV from 1992-1994.  Read more

Football Player Tumbling on Head

FINA Anticompetitive Control over Top-Tier Swimmers Class Action

This antitrust class action takes on the Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA), or the International Federation of Swimming. The complaint alleges that FINA controls swimmers’ access to participation in the Olympics and uses that control to keep swimmers’ pay low and to prevent any similar organization from entering the market.   Read more

Swimming Event from 2015 FINA World Championships

Atlanta Hawks Shop at Philips Arena FACTA Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action claiming that the Hawks Shop at the Philips Arena in Atlanta violated the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) by printing the expiration date of customer credit or debit cards on receipts.  Read more