Generac PWRCell System Faulty SnapRS 801 Components Class Action

Generac Power Systems, Inc. originally offered generators and other back-up power products, but in recent years it has expanded into the renewable energy business. At issue in this class action are SnapRS 801 Rapid Shutdown components, which are part of its PWRCell System for solar energy production. The complaint alleges that these switches malfunction, causing  Read more

Box of Generac SnapRS 801 Units

Generac Power PWRcell Defective SnapRS Units Class Action

Generac Power Systems, Inc. and Generac Holdings, Inc. sell and lease PWRcell systems that operate with residential solar energy systems. The complaint for this class action alleges, however, that the PWRcell systems have defective SnapRS units that can malfunction, overheating, bubbling, burning, exploding, and causing system shutdowns.  Read more

A Generac Power Location

Generac Power Switch Malfunctions in Solar Panels Class Action

Residential solar energy systems can now provide all or most of the energy needs of a home. But this class action claims that the SnapRS 801 switch, made by Generac Power Systems, Inc. for residential systems, is defective and turns on and off. The complaint alleges the switch can melt, catch fire, and cause other  Read more

A Generac Power Location

SunPower Defective Microinverters Settlement

SunPower Corporation is paying $4.75 million to resolve a class action alleging it used defective microinverters in the photovoltaic modules it installed on homes. The complaint claimed that the parts degraded prematurely and caused the solar panels to produce less power than expected, causing owners to pay more for energy and possibly lose incentives, such  Read more

SunPower Name on Yellow Ground

SolarCity, Tesla Solar Panel Installation and Fire Investigation

Do you have solar panels on your home? Were they provided and installed by SolarCity or—under its new name—Tesla Energy Operations? Unfortunately, they might be a fire hazard. Walmart filed a lawsuit on August 20, 2019 against Tesla, claiming that its stores have had seven fires caused by the Tesla/SolarCity panel rooftop installations.  Read more

SolarCity Van

Defective Solar Roof Tiles Settlement

This settlement covers allegedly defective 35-watt and 50-watt solar tiles made between 2008 and 2012. (Note that this lawsuit does not cover 34-watt tiles, which are the subject of another lawsuit.) Unlike solar panels, solar tiles are made to replace conventional roof tiles and to blend into the roof while they provide solar power. The  Read more

SolarCity English-Language Contract California Class Action

Plaintiff Armida Guzman had a talk about solar panels at her home with the salesman from SolarCity Corporation. According to the complaint, the salesman told Guzman that her electricity bill would decrease if she installed solar panels on her home. Since Guzman only speaks Spanish, the complaint says, the salesman told her all this in  Read more