Eatz “Smoked” Almonds Added Smoke Flavor Multi-State Class Action

Eatz brand Smoked Almonds come in a red-toned package. They are made by, and sold in, Family Dollar Stores, Inc. But are the almonds really “smoked”? The complaint for this class action claims that the flavoring comes not from actual smoking but from added smoke flavor, and that this does not meet the flavor labeling  Read more

Eatz Smoked Almonds

Emporium Selection “Smoked” Gouda Multi-State Class Action

Aldi, Inc. makes Smoked Gouda Deli Sliced Cheese under its Emporium Selection brand. But in what way is it “smoked”? The complaint alleges that the cheese is not in fact smoked but only has smoke flavor added, and that that is not in keeping with food labeling requirements in the Code of Federal Regulations.  Read more

Emporium Selection Smoked Gouda Slices

Kroger Private Selection “Smoked” Gouda Multi-State Class Action

Food labeling is regulated by the federal government. This class action takes up the labeling of a purportedly “Smoked Gouda” cheese offered by the Kroger Company. The complaint alleges that the labeling misrepresents the product because it is not actually smoked but merely has added smoke flavor, which is not disclosed on the front of  Read more

Kroger Private Selection Smoked Gouda

Dietz & Watson “Smoked” Gouda Cheese New York Class Action

Dietz & Watson, Inc. offers deli meats and cheeses. Among its products are wedges of Gouda cheese labeled “Smoked Gouda.” The complaint alleges that the labeling is misleading and false, because the cheese wedges have in fact not been smoked but get their smoke flavor from a smoke-flavored additive. The complaint alleges violations of consumer  Read more

Wedge of Dietz & Watson Smoked Gouda