Novant Sharing of Health Information with Meta Pixel Class Action

Medical information (also known as protected health information, or PHI) is supposed to be kept private, under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as other laws. The complaint for this class action brings suit against Meta Platforms, Inc. (formerly known as Facebook, Inc.) and Novant Health, Inc., alleging that Novant made  Read more

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Abbott Laboratories Exposure of Patient Information California CMIA Class Action

This data breach class action concerns not a cyberattack but an email apparently sent out to hundreds of people who are patients of a certain medical group, containing too much information. The complaint alleges that Abbott Laboratories, by sending this email which disclosed medical information without the consent of the subjects, violated California’s Confidentiality of  Read more

Abbott Laboratories Building in Austin, TX

Sharp Healthcare Sharing of Patient Information with Meta Pixel Class Action

This class action alleges that Sharp Healthcare did not properly safeguard its patients’ personal and health information, but it’s not about a data breach; it’s about the Meta Pixel tracking tool the complaint alleges was installed on the Sharp Memorial Hospital’s patient appointment scheduling page, which transmits information to Meta Platforms, Inc.  Read more

Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, CA

Meta Collection of HIPAA-Protected Information Class Action

Meta Platforms, Inc. has been under repeated investigation for its data-mining practices and its use of the private information of consumers without their consent or even their knowledge. This class action takes issue with a particular instance of this intrusion, that is, Meta’s alleged collection of information from communications between patients and medical providers—information that  Read more

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Rush University Sharing of Patient Health Communications Class Action

Patients pass private information to their healthcare providers and rely on them to keep all personal and medical information confidential. But this class action sues Rush System for Health, which does business as Rush University System for Health, for passing patient personally identifiable information (PII) and other information, including the contents of their communication with  Read more

Rush University Medical Center

San Francisco Medical Records Alleged Data Breach Settlement

The City and County of San Francisco, the Regents of the University of California, and Dr. Shirley Stiver are settling claims about an alleged medical records breach that disclosed private medical information without patients’ consent, in violation of the Confidential Medical Information Act. The complaint alleged that the information about patients of Zuckerberg San Francisco  Read more

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center

Facebook Pixel Gathers Patient Info from Health Providers Class Action

Meta Platforms, Inc. owns the Facebook Pixel tracking tool, which gathers information on consumers and transmits it to Facebook for eventual use by advertisers. The complaint for this class action alleges that Pixel is being “improperly used” on hospital websites and that the resulting collection of patient data violates the patients’ medical privacy.  Read more

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