Barnstormers Basketball of Iowa Coach Abuse Settlement

Barnstormers Basketball, Inc. and the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, Inc. are settling a class action with a payment of $1.9 million. The complaint alleged that Barnstormers co-director and coach Gregory Scott Stephen victimized participants who were minors by procuring nude images and recordings of them. It claimed that Barnstormers was negligent inĀ  Read more

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James Franco Studio 4 Film School Settlement

This is a partial settlement of a class action against James Franco, Vince Jolivette, Jay Davis, Rabbitbandid Productions, Rabbitbandini Productions, LLC, Rabbitbandini Films, LLC, Dark Rabbit Productions, LLC, and Rabbitbandini Products Studio 4, LLC. The complaint alleged that the production companies and acting and film school were run in a way that subjected the studentsĀ  Read more

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