Nationstar Rejects Borrower for Covid-19 Modifications Class Action

This class action concerns homeowners with mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and serviced by Nationstar, who fell into default because of Covid-19. During the emergency, the FHA added Covid-19 Recovery Loss Mitigation Options to help borrowers under strain to keep their homes. But the complaint alleges that Nationstar improperly declared certain borrowers  Read more

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Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Failure to Cancel PMI Class Action

NewRez, LLC services mortgages as Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing. The complaint for this class action alleges that the company has charged mortgage customers for private mortgage insurance (PMI) premiums, even after the PMI has terminated. The complaint claims Shellpoint has violated the Homeowners Protection Act (HPA) and Illinois state laws and breached its contracts with customers.  Read more

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RoundPoint Mortgage Pay-to-Pay Fee Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action alleging RoundPoint Mortgage charged borrowers pay-to-pay fees for making mortgage payments by telephone or IVR. The complaint claimed that RoundPoint’s charging of these fees violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, state debt collection laws, and the terms of the borrowers’ loan agreements.  Read more

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JPMorgan Chase Six-State Interest on Escrow Settlement

JPMorgan Chase is settling a class action alleging it did not pay interest on escrow accounts where it was holding homeowners’ advance payments related to mortgages it was servicing, such as payments for property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. The states include Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.  Read more

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Gregory Funding Payoff Statement Fees Not Yet Incurred Class Action

This class action concerns the kinds of fees mortgage servicers are permitted to add to payoff statements, and how those fees may be figured. The complaint sues Gregory Funding, LLC for two fees added to its payoff statement, alleging that the wire fee should not have been added and that the reconveyance fee is excessive.  Read more

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Freedom Mortgage Automatic Inspections Settlement

Freedom Mortgage Corporation has agreed to settle a class action alleging it improperly or unnecessarily charged borrowers fees for property inspections. The complaint alleged it charged the fees for property inspections when mortgages it serviced were delinquent or in default.  Read more

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Shellpoint Mortgage Inadequate Explanation of Payoff Items Class Action

Shellpoint Mortgage Services, officially called Newrez, LLC, is a mortgage servicer. This class action alleges that Shellpoint issues mortgage payoff that do not comply with federal laws, like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Florida state laws. The complaint claims that the mortgage payoff statements issued by the company to borrowers include a  Read more

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Bank of America Excessive Fees on Defaults Class Action

This class action brings suit against Bank of America, NA (BOA) and Integon National Insurance Company alleging they conspire “to maximize fees assessed on borrowers’ accounts when they are behind on their payments.” BOA, the complaint alleges, requires things like repeated and unnecessary property inspections and force-placed flood insurance. These are added to the amount  Read more

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Nationstar, Seterus Notice of Right to Appeal Loan Modification Denials Class Action

This class action brings suit against mortgage servicer Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, which does business as Mr. Cooper. Nationstar is the successor-in-interest to a servicer called Seterus, Inc., which merged with Nationstar. When Seterus rejected loss mitigation requests, the complaint alleges, Nationstar did not fulfill the servicer’s obligations under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)  Read more

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Freedom Mortgage Convenience Payments Settlement

Freedom Mortgage Corporation is settling class actions filed against it in Texas and California that claim it charged borrowers “convenience fees” for making mortgage payments online or over the phone, including through interactive voice response systems. The complaint alleged that the fees violated state debt collection laws and breached the terms of mortgage agreements.  Read more

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