2 Krew Security Systems Common Master Code Class Action

Your security system is supposed to let in only those who have your code. But what if everyone who had the same system as yours also had your code? That’s what this class action alleges about the security systems of 2 Krew, Inc., which does business as 2 Krew Security & Surveillance.  Read more

Product Display with 2 Krew Backdrop

College Board and Educational Testing Service SAT Test Security Class Action

The SAT test is a major criterion for college admission, so it’s crucial that the testing process be uniform and that no student have an unfair advantage over others in taking the test. But the complaint for this class action claims that tests are sometimes reused, allowing some students to see test questions (and even  Read more

SAT Answer Coding Sheet and Pencil

Intel CPU Design Security Flaws Allow Access to Hackers Class Action

Of the 1.5 billion personal computers in use today, 90% use Intel central processing units (CPUs), including those made by Apple, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard, and Dell. Unfortunately, the complaint for this class action alleges that Intel’s x86-64x CPU has not one but two means of opening the computer’s most sensitive information to hackers  Read more