Lorex Systems Stop Working After Update Class Action

Lorex Corporation sells video surveillance and monitoring systems, including cameras, recorders, and other items, for consumers and small businesses. According to the complaint for this class action, Lorex forced customers to accept an update to its systems that did not work properly and that resulted in customers being unable to view the feeds from their  Read more

Two Cameras and Monitor for Lorex System

2 Krew Security Systems Common Master Code Class Action

Your security system is supposed to let in only those who have your code. But what if everyone who had the same system as yours also had your code? That’s what this class action alleges about the security systems of 2 Krew, Inc., which does business as 2 Krew Security & Surveillance.  Read more

Product Display with 2 Krew Backdrop

ADT Home Security Wireless Peripheral Sensor Vulnerability Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action alleging that ADT failed to tell customers that its residential security systems using wireless peripheral sensors were vulnerable, because the wireless sensors could be evaded or jammed using electronic devices.   Read more