Marathon Oil Delivery of Royalties on Leases North Dakota Class Action

Cases around oil leases usually center on payment of less than the amount actually owed or a failure to pay interest on royalties paid late. This one alleges the Marathon Oil Company has not paid a required share of the oil produced to those who own the leased property as well as the taking of  Read more

McGraw-Hill Lowers Base for Textbook Author Royalties Class Action

Authors of books receive royalties from their publishers that are a percentage of the sale price of their works. This class action takes issue with a recent practice of textbook publisher McGraw-Hill Education, Inc., alleging that the company has improperly made deductions from the price of its textbooks, thereby reducing the amount on which royalties  Read more

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McGraw Hill Reduced Royalties for Textbooks on Connect Platform Class Action

Book publishers pay authors royalties, which are normally based on the number of books sold. Authors might think that when books are published electronically, without the expense of printing and physical distribution, that their royalties would go up. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that McGraw Hill, LLC has reduced the amount of  Read more

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XTO Energy Interest on Late Royalty Payments MT and ND Wells Class Action

Landowners sometimes lease their land to companies that want to extract the oil or gas underneath it. They are paid in royalties, or a portion of the value of the oil or gas extracted. It can be difficult for mineral owners to get accurate information pertaining to their royalties or to get their royalties paid  Read more

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Exxon Mobil Royalties for Gas Well Products Class Action

When ordinary people permit companies to extract oil or gas from under their land, it’s difficult for them to know if they’re being paid fairly or not. This class action bring suit against Exxon Mobil Corporation, ExxonMobil Oil Corporation, and XTO Energy, Inc. for the “actual, knowing, and willful underpayment or non-payment of royalties on  Read more

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Southland Royalty Co. Royalties on Gas Leases in New Mexico Class Action

This class action takes on Southland Royalty Company, LLC on the subject of royalties for some 300 gas leases in which it has an interest. The complaint alleges that Southland permits third-party operators to work its leases and that these third-party operators do not pay the full amount of what is owed in royalties. The  Read more

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DCP Midstream Interest Due on Late Oil and Gas Payments OK Class Action

When a larger party owes payments to a much smaller party—one with fewer resources and less power—it is easy for the larger party to delay or manipulate those payments. Oklahoma law has attempted to provide some protection to holders of oil and gas leases in mandating that interest be added to untimely payments. The complaint  Read more

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EQT Production, Stone Energy West Virginia Oil and Gas Royalty Payments Class Action

When you enter into a lease involving mineral rights on your land, how do you know how much money is due to you from the extracted oil and gas? Are you responsible to bear some of the costs of extraction or transportation? What evidence do you receive as to the amount of these costs? The  Read more

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Devon Energy Production Oklahoma Oil Well Royalty Class Action

When a company leases the rights to operate wells for oil, gas, or minerals under your land, how do you know whether you’re being paid correctly for all that’s produced? This class action alleges that Devon Energy Production under-calculated and underpaid the royalty amounts due to the people from whom it leased land.  Read more

CNX, Noble Energy Oil and Gas Royalty Class Action

This class action lawsuit alleges that CNX Gas Company and Noble Energy, Inc. fraudulently entered into lease agreements with the owners of oil and gas mineral rights in West Virginia which provided for flat-fee post production expense deductions from royalty payments owed.  Read more