Calyx Energy Underpayment of Royalties on Oklahoma Gas Leases Class Action

This Oklahoma case concerns the underpayment of royalties by Calyx Energy III, LLC on natural gas and its constituents taken from Oklahoma wells. The complaint alleges Calyx did this in two ways: by deducting certain postproduction fees it was not entitled to, and by not paying royalties on natural gas Calyx used or allowed third  Read more

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Kaiser-Francis Oil Company Interest on Royalty Payments Class 2 Settlement

Kaiser-Francis Oil Company is paying $1.6 million to settle the second part of a class action about royalties from the sale of oil, gas, or other minerals from wells in Oklahoma. The complaint alleged that Kaiser-Francis did not pay the statutory interest owed on royalty payments that were made late, as required by Oklahoma’s Production  Read more

Oklahoma Gas Wells

Kaiser-Francis Oil Company Royalty Payments Class 1 Settlement

Kaiser-Francis Oil Company is paying $10 million to settle a class action about royalties for oil and gas wells it operates, or has a working interest in, in Oklahoma. The complaint alleged that Kaiser-Francis underpaid the royalties due on gas or gas constituents taken from the wells. This is the Class 1 Settlement, about the  Read more

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Merit Energy No Interest with Late Payments Oklahoma Class Action

Merit Energy Company, LLC produces oil, gas, and other constituent products from oil and gas properties, for which it pays royalties to those with interest in these properties. Oklahoma’s Production Revenue Standards Act (PRSA) requires that when those payments are made beyond the time period in which they are due, oil and gas producers must  Read more

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Hilcorp Interest on Late Oil and Gas Royalty Payments New Mexico Class Action

This class action against Hilcorp San Juan, LP alleges that the company does not pay its oil and gas royalties on time, and that it violates New Mexico’s Oil and Gas Proceeds Act by not then paying interest on the untimely royalties.  Read more

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Hess Bakken Oil and Gas Royalties for North Dakota Leases Class Action

This class action concerns proper royalty payments for gas and oil leases in North Dakota for which Hess Bakken Investments II, LLC is the lessee. The plaintiff and lessor, Ronald Penman, entered into the lease with a different company in October 2009 and Hess took over as lessee in 2010. The complaint alleges that Hess  Read more

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Dorrance Publishing Hidden Sales Figures, False Royalties Class Action

How do writers know whether they are getting proper royalties on their books? The complaint for this class action alleges that Dorrance Publishing Company, Inc. hides true sales figures from its writers, telling them that their books have sold only a few copies, and does not pay them the royalties they are due.  Read more

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Cengage Learning Calculation of Textbook Author Royalties Class Action

Cengage Learning Holding II, Inc. and Cengage Learning, Inc., the defendants in this case, are publishing companies; the plaintiff, Fred Kleiner, is an author. The complaint alleges that Cengage underpays Kleiner’s royalties by ten to thirty percent and thus calculates that Cengage owes authors $12 million to $18 million in underpaid royalties each year.  Read more

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Non-Featured Performers Royalty Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action alleging that royalties held by the AFM & SAG/AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund are owed to, and should be distributed to, session musicians and background vocalists, or non-featured performers. According to the complaint, these funds came from sound recordings played on non-interactive webcasting, satellite radio, or digital cable,  Read more


Tug Hill Royalties on Oil and Gas Leases West Virginia Class Action

This class action aims “to recover for the underpayment of royalties and the payment for production owed” under certain oil and gas leases in West Virginia. It brings suit against TH Exploration, LLC, TH Exploration II, LLC, and Tug Hill Operating, LLC, the lessees, alleging that the companies are not providing “clear and accurate information”  Read more

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