Gap, Banana Republic Credit Cards Vanishing Rewards Class Action

“Rewards programs are the primary driver of customers’ choice in credit cards[,]” says this complaint. The class action alleges that Gap, Inc., Banana Republic, and Synchrony Bank promoted the rewards associated with their credit card, but that in certain situations they permit themselves to wipe out accumulated rewards.  Read more

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Chase Rewards Points Forfeiture Class Action Settlement

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that JP Morgan Chase unlawfully forteited unused credit card reward points when the credit card accounts were closed.  Read more

Staples Reward Program Class Action Lawsuit

            This lawsuit claims that Staples engaged in a deceptive scheme where it purported to offer and provide to members Rewards Points for purchases made during the calendar quarter.  The points were supposed to be a certain percentage of the consumer’s purchases that quarter, but in fact, members received credit  Read more