RealPage Conspiracy to Fix Greater Boston Area Rents Class Action

This antitrust class action brings suit against RealPage, Inc. and a list of apartment rental companies like Greystar Real Estate Partners, LLC, Cushman & Wakefield, Inc., and Lincoln Property Company, alleging that they have conspired to fix or raise housing rental prices in the Greater Boston Metro Area, through collusion and the use of RealPages  Read more

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RealPage Anticompetitive Cartel Pushes Rents Higher Class Action

This class action alleges that certain lessors who rent out multifamily real estate properties have formed a cartel to take anticompetitive actions in the real estate markets in various locations. The complaint alleges that, with the help of a software platform from RealPage, Inc., a long list of major real estate companies like the Irvine  Read more

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RealPage Platform Pushes New York Metro Rents Higher Antitrust Class Action

The New York metro area has for a long time been one of the most expensive rental markets in the country. Yet the complaint for this class action alleges that a group of owners and operators of multifamily units in this market, along with software platform RealPage, have conspired to push prices even higher. It  Read more

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