HHDC Security Deposit Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against the Hispanic Housing Development Corporation (HHDC), HHDC-Damen Court, LLC, Damen Court Preservation, LP, Damen Court Preservation, NFP, Hispanic Elderly Housing Corporation, Sacramento Elderly Housing Corp., Damen Court Associates, LP, and Damen Courts Apartments. The complaint alleged that tenants were not given a summary of the Chicago Residential Landlord  Read more

A Property of the Hispanic Housing Development Corporation

ECI Apartments Unrefunded Security Deposits Settlement

ECI Group, Inc., ECI Management, LLC, and DeKalb-Lake Ridge, LLC are settling a class action charging that they did not return some or all security deposits when tenants moved out and did not provide a list of damages to their apartments, within three days, specifying the reasons the money was being withheld. The apartments at  Read more

ECI Property: The Columns at Bentley Manor

Rental Express Lease-Purchase Contract Settlement

Oak Creek Park, Inc., doing business as Rental Express, has settled a class action alleging that its lease-purchase contracts fail to make certain disclosures about the costs of the contracts according to Georgia state law.   Read more

Aimco Maryland Deposit Settlement

This class action alleges that AIMCO, an owner and manager of apartment properties, did not fully refund tenants’ security deposits, but withheld amounts for damages without complying with Maryland’s Security Deposit Statute.  Read more