A2B Cargo and KSM Carrier Agreements with Truck Drivers Class Action

It’s not unusual for truck drivers to come to an independent contractor agreement to move loads for a carrier or logistics company. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that A2B Cargo, Inc., A2B Cargo Logistics, Inc., KSM Carrier Group, Inc., and Lincoln State Leasing, LLC entered into agreements that exploited the drivers and  Read more

A2B Cargo Trucks

West Creek Financial Deceptive and Unlawful Rent-to-Own Agreement NY Class Action

Plaintiff Rawle Daisley believed he was entering into an agreement to pay $1,500 for a laptop and stereo speakers, free of finance charges as long as he paid the amount within ninety days. However, the complaint for this class action says he found he was being charged $2,700, with money being subtracted from his bank  Read more

West Creek Financial "No Credit Needed" Sign