Datto Charges for Open Mesh Devices’ “Lifetime License” Class Action

This class action brings suit against Open Mesh, Inc. and its purchaser, Datto, Inc., for false advertising, for not providing the services they promised for Open Mesh devices. The complaint alleges that Open Mesh falsely advertised that the devices came with a “lifetime cloud license” and “automatic firmware updates,” but consumers were later told they  Read more

Interior of Datto Office

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Settlement

Costa Del Mar, Inc. is choosing to settle a class action concerning repairs on its sunglasses. The complaint alleged that the company charged more than the advertised “nominal fee” for repairs to sunglasses required due to accidents, normal wear and tear, or misuse, and charged fees to repair sunglasses that supposedly were covered by a  Read more

Pair of Costa Sunglasses

Sirius XM “Lifetime” Radio Subscription Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Sirius XM, with its “lifetime” plans or subscriptions at issue. The complaint alleged that Sirius XM breached its agreements when it failed to honor “lifetime” subscriptions, claiming that the “lifetime” promise referred to the lifetime of the original radio used for the subscription and not of the subscriber.  Read more

Sirius XM on Screen

Magellan RoadMate Navigator Free Lifetime Updates Settlement

MiTac Digital Corporation is settling a class action alleging that it misled purchasers of Magellan RoadMate Navigators to believe that they would receive free lifetime updates. In fact, the complaint alleged, purchasers were forced to pay for the updates.  Read more

A Magellan RoadMate Navigator

FCA US Requirements for “Lifetime” Powertrain Warranty Class Action

Two issues are argued in this class action against FCA US, LLC and Olathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. One is a breach of warranty claim for a “manifold bolt issue.” The other concerns the requirements to maintain a “lifetime” warranty, which the complaint alleges are concealed from customers so they allow the warranty to become  Read more

FCA Dodge Ram Truck

Tricopian FuelRod Chargers No Longer Swappable Class Action

If a company makes a promise when a consumer first buys an item, must it continue to keep that promise for years to come? The complaint for this class action says yes. It claims that Tricopian, Inc. sold a portable charging product and then made “such a fundamental change in the nature of its support  Read more

FuelRod Kiosk

Comcast Raises “Lifetime” Rates Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that Comcast Corporation offered some Utah customers “lifetime” subscription rates, but is now going back on that promise and increasing their rates.  Read more

Comcast Name and Logo on Window