Del-One Federal Credit Union Unclear Overdraft Disclosures Class Action

This class action brings suit against Del-One Federal Credit Union, alleging that Del-One does not fulfill the requirements of Federal Reserve Regulation E before it begins charging customers overdraft fees. The complaint claims that its disclosures offer “ambiguous and inaccurate language” as to when customers are charged overdraft fees and is therefore not compliant with  Read more

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Wescom Central Credit Union Disclosures for Overdraft Program California Class Action

Federal Reserve Regulation E (Reg E) aims to ensure that banking customers are not enrolled in overdraft programs without their knowledge and that they are fully aware of their consent to enter one. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Wescom Central Credit Union violates Reg E requirements and also California’s Unfair Competition  Read more

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Liberty Bank Overdraft Disclosures Non-Compliant with Reg E Class Action

Banking customers nowadays cannot be charged overdraft fees on certain items if they do not affirmatively opt in to their bank’s overdraft program. This class action brings suit against Liberty Bank, alleging that its disclosure and opt-in document “provides ambiguous and inaccurate language” in describing when the bank will charge overdraft fees. The complaint alleges  Read more

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