United States Oil Fund Investment Losses Investigation

Did you lose a large amount of money on your investment with the exchange-traded fund (ETF) United States Oil Fund, LP (USO)? Do your losses on this fund add up to $250,000 or more? We’re investigating whether certain statements made by USO in its March 2020 registration statement might have been false or misleading, giving  Read more

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KemPharm Did Not Prove Apadaz to Be Abuse-Deterrent Securities Class Action

This securities class action alleges that KemPharm should have considered Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance when designing studies for its lead product candidate, an opioid painkiller the company hoped would be labeled as abuse-deterrent. Ignoring those guidelines, the complaint says, made it unlikely that the drug would get the approval it needed and made  Read more

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ZTO Express Offering Inaccurate Registration Statement Materials Securities Class Action

Chinese company ZTO Express (Cayman) Inc. held a public offering of American Depository Shares (ADSs) in October 2016 at which it sold over 72 million ADSs. But the complaint for this class action alleges that the company both made untrue statements and omitted material facts in its Registration Statement, violating the Securities Act of 1933.  Read more

Bay Bancorp Merger Misleading Registration Statement Securities Class Action

Bay Bancorp, Inc. has entered into a merger agreement under which it would be acquired by Old Line Bancshares, Inc., but the complaint for this class action alleges a large number of material omissions from the Form S-4 Registration Statement filed by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These omissions, it says,  Read more

Impax Labs Misleading Registration Statement Securities Class Action

On October 17, 2017, Impax Laboratories, Inc. entered into a complex merger agreement with Amneal Pharmaceuticals, but the complaint for this class action says that the Registration Statement for the transaction is deficient and violates Sections 14(a) and 20(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The omissions include the bases for financial projections and  Read more

Qudian IPO Registration Statement Omitted Info Securities Class Action

Eight underwriters were involved in Qudian’s initial public offering (IPO), but the complaint for this class action claims that the Registration Statement they caused to be filed was misleading, omitting critical information in two respects, (1) in discussing the company’s collection practices and (2) in discussing its data systems and procedures. The complaint alleges that  Read more

Tintri Misleading IPO Registration Statement Securities Class Action

When Tintri, Inc. decided to go public, it made the required filings of Registration Statement and Prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The initial public offering (IPO) raised $60 million for the company, but the complaint for this class action claims the filings contained false and misleading statements, in violation of Sections 11  Read more

USAmeriBancorp Registration Statement Info Omission Class Action

The Proposed Transaction that USAmeriBancorp negotiated to merge with Valley National Bankcorp says that USAmeriBancorp stockholders will receive 6.1 shares of Valley for each of their shares of USAmeriBancorp, provided that Valley’s stock does not fall below a certain share price. But is this fair? The complaint for this class action claims that it is  Read more

Capella Education Misleading Registration Statement for Merger Class Action

Capella Education Company is a multi-armed entity that focuses on online degree and non-degree learning, serving tens of thousands of students in all fifty states and fifty-four countries. But the complaint for this class action questions whether the Registration Statement for its proposed merger with Strayer Education provides stockholders with enough information to evaluate the  Read more

OvaScience IPO Filings Augment Treatment Information Hiding Class Action

With women preferring to have children at later ages, successful fertility treatments are a promising product, even for a company that has not yet earned any revenue. According to the complaint, however, OvaScience, Inc. made misrepresentations about its Augment procedure in the Registration Statement for its initial public offering (IPO), in violation of Sections 11,  Read more