BMW Low-Pressure Fuel Pump Coverage Under CA Emissions Warranty Class Action

California requires that automakers offer a warranty that covers emissions-related parts, for up to seven years and 70,000 miles. The complaint for this class action alleges that BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) only began offering coverage for a low-pressure fuel pump assembly in certain of its vehicles in 2018 and therefore brings suit on  Read more

2017 BMW X4

Ford E-Series Cutaways Warranty for Suspension Adjustments Florida Class Action

Ford Motor Company makes an E-Series Cutaway which is known as an “incomplete vehicle,” intended as a base on which customers can build things such as recreational vehicles, box trucks, or ambulances. Once the vehicle is built out, the complaint for this class action says, the vehicle may need suspension adjustments, so the warranty includes  Read more

Ford E-Series Cutaway

Ford PZEV Vehicles and California Emissions Warranty Coverage Class Action

Since 2009, Ford has sold Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles (PZEVs), for which it has received Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) credits from the state of California. In exchange for the credits, Ford is required to extend the terms of California’s required emissions warranty to 15 years or 150,000 miles. But the complaint for this class action  Read more

Emissions from Tailpipe

Bob’s Discount Furniture Warranties Not Honored New York Class Action

Bob’s Discount Furniture, LLC sells furniture, and it also sells warranties for the furniture against certain kinds of damage. The complaint for this class action alleges that Bob’s receives “undisclosed incentives or kickbacks” from the issuer of the warranties and then denies claims for invalid reasons.  Read more

"Bob" Character for Bob's Discount Furniture

MEI LifeTime Engine Agreement Settlement

McGowan Enterprises, Inc. (MEI) has agreed to settle a class action alleging that it included an illegal tying provision in its LifeTime Engine Guarantee. The provision requires that the owners of the covered engine have the oil changed professionally once every four months or 4,000 miles, whichever comes first, and requires that the oil used  Read more

Lia Sophia Jewelry Kits Customer and Sales Advisor Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Act II Jewelry, LLC, formerly known as Lia Sophia. The complaint alleges that the company breached its promise to customers to provide a lifetime warranty for the jewelry sold by its sales advisors, that it misappropriated customer information from sales advisors, and that it made misstatements to its  Read more

Fry’s Electronics Refusal to Honor Advertised Warranty Class Action

Fry’s Electronics advertised the sale of computer graphics cards with warranties, but the complaint for this class action questions whether it intended to honor the warranties. Ramos bought an open-box graphics card for which Fry’s claimed it would honor the manufacturer’s warranty, but when the card malfunctioned, Fry’s refused to replace the card or refund  Read more