Suffolk University No Tuition Reductions for Spring or Fall 2020 Class Action

Businesses aren’t the only entities that have closed down to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Universities have closed their campuses and dormitories and taken classes to an online-only format. This class action brings suit against Suffolk University in the Boston metropolitan area for not refunding money paid for the curtailed Spring 2020 semester or upcoming  Read more

Building with words "Suffolk University"

Fordham University Closed Facilities But No Refunds Class Action

Among the businesses and other entities that have closed the doors to their physical locations due to the coronavirus pandemic are schools and universities. Many of these institutions are replacing in-person classes with online teaching. Fordham University is one such institution. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that although Fordham University’s online offerings  Read more

Fordham University Campus

Cornell University Campus Closure Tuition and Fee Reimbursement Class Action

Like many businesses and other entities, Cornell University has made the decision to close its campus during the coronavirus pandemic and turn to a remote format to continue its operations. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that Cornell students have been deprived of certain benefits for which they have already paid fees or  Read more

View of Cornell University Campus